The end of the challenge

I give up.  You win.  If you have lost so much as an ounce and a half, you freakin’ win.

This baby is four and a half months old and I weigh what I did a couple weeks after coming home from the hospital.  How about I just say I’ll let you know if I ever lose the baby weight, OK?

16 responses to “The end of the challenge

  1. Just so you know, I am within one pound of losing the baby weight. The baby? She’s 37 + years old. She did the math to months for me as I was closing in on this milestone, but really, it is just too ridiculous. You can have a wonderful life at your current weight, and will most likely enjoy more success as you quit fighting yourself. Cheers!

  2. I’m still working on mine. ten damn years later.

    damn those kids.

  3. Don’t be discouraged, Emily. I’m finding that this old dog has got to learn some new tricks because I cannot lose anything doing the things that used to work.

  4. My body retains all baby fat until I’m done breastfeeding, at which time I can diet and exercise down to normal size. Don’t worry, it will come off when you don’t need it anymore.

  5. It took 9 plus months to put that weight on… and you’re still feeding the baby, no? Which means you have to eat more to support her, no?

    Be patient with yourself… it didn’t go on overnight (and it was for a good cause), and it won’t come off overnight… give yourself some mroe time.

  6. You’re okay as you are. Really.

  7. I was down, I was up. Now I’m even again. Not nursing. No excuse. Just like to eat brownies a bit too much…

  8. I didn’t lose one damn ounce when I was breastfeeding. Not one. Other people crowed about how the weight just poured off of them….not me.

    BTW, my “baby” is 11 years old and I still haven’t lost the baby weight.

  9. 9 months up, 9 months down….give yourself a break. It’ll happen.

  10. Yeah, what Poker Chick said, and Lilian too.

    I’m sorry you’re feeling blue about things this week. Cause I finally fit into a smaller pair of pants and was hoping to crow about it. Oops, I just did, didn’t I?

    Seriously, I stayed the same for months and months (even without BFing). And this recent change is tiny. It totally took me 9 months with the first, and I’m thinking more like a year for this subsequent pg. Hang in there.

  11. omg! my baby is 19 months old and I just finished breastfeeding. I am down about six pounds in the last 18 months. I am holding onto the delusion that it will happen soon.
    you too, will refind your post baby body, have faith!!

  12. i’m all excited today because I am down .6 pounds (yes, that is six tenths of a pound) from when we all started this venture. It’s the first time I’ve been lower. 😉

  13. I”m sorry but that is not a lot of time. I exercise all the time, always have and it took me way longer than that to lose the weight. Easy chicky.

  14. Exactly. It’s not a lot of time… it’s hard. Give yourself a break, it’ll happen.

  15. missinginiraq

    Totally understand the frustration – I was right there a few weeks ago, trying to understand why things weren’t going as quickly as I would have liked. Had to sit myself down and say a) I’m being HEALTHY as opposed to when I was young and stupid and would just skip meals for a few days and b) I’m not the age I was back then and dang it, my body’s different so cope. I’m still trying to concentrate on being a sensible eater and getting regular exercise rather than focusing on the scale!

  16. Yeah, losing weight while breastfeeding is a fairytale as far as I’m concerned. Didn’t work for me either, so take heart 😉

    It came off after I stopped!