Violence Unsilenced

            If we are silent…

            If we hide the bruises…

            If we lie about the past…

            If we hold their secrets for them…

            Then we are honoring their violence.  We are accepting their estimation of us as worth a buck-fifty plus tax.  We are letting them write our stories.  We are feeling their shame as our own.

            And we are accomplices in allowing it to happen to us and to someone else.

            Go.  Read these brave stories.  Visit every week.  Because I for one am worth at least the price of a latte.

10 responses to “Violence Unsilenced

  1. I’m encouraged by the fact that her site got so many hits within the first 24 hours and that others are taking up the cause of promoting it. What bothers me most is when people say something about surviving abuse and how it affected them and they are met with blank looks and silence.

  2. I SO believe in the power of words, the awesome/ awe-inspiring power of telling our stories, naming our truths, and listening to other’s stories…

  3. wow……..I am glad there is a place to tell the stories, I am sorry that there are so many stories to tell.

  4. Amazing and powerful. I, too, and glad to see a place like this exists. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thank you for the link and for always speaking out.

  6. I visited and posted the badge on my blog. Tomorrow I think I may blog about it more.

  7. What Melanie said.

    Powerful stuff.

  8. Loud voices and people to listen. I think it’s often not indifference but the sheer burden of the story… I’m not expressing this well… the burden for the reader is often of NOT having experienced it – the burden of all those children, all those women, all those people, all that pain that they can’t sooth or even understand. Violence Uncensored seems to break those barriers and share the burden… thanks for the link.

  9. I will post a link later this week. It’s an amazing site by an amazing woman.

    Although, you are an amazing woman as well.

  10. I’m so proud to have that badge on my site. She’s started something amazing.