Three is Enough

I have a post up over at L.A. Moms’ Blog.  Go check it out to learn who I plan on suing if I have any more children.

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  1. I’m feeling that way this time around. Although the thought of another pregnancy and baby are appealing at times I feel it would be ecologically irresponsible to have more children after this one is born. We’ve discussed adoption as a possibility in the future….so I’m going to savor these moments (well maybe not the nausea and puking that I’m dealing with at the moment) as I experience them, knowing them to be the last.

  2. Never, ever regretted stopping with three. There was a fair amount of religious and family pressure not to do a surgical sterilization (he did it, not me – and it was his idea for which I am still grateful) but it was the absolute right thing for us. Even three was chaotic and difficult at times, but lovingly so. I know I COULD have handled more, but I don’t believe I should have – and I know that I handle three with far more grace and patience than I would have had for more.

  3. Interesting read, my hubby was ready to sign up for the vasectomy the moment I had my c-section with my second, but I wasnt ready to make that decision (8 months later I am still not)… while I think we will probably stop at 2, I am just not sure yet, and despite having c-scetions, my hubby already knows that I am not having my tubes tied…. I carried and “birthed” the babies, he can go have an out-patient procedure when we decide we know for sure.

  4. After my first I very nearly decided I was done. It took me almost 2 years before I was even ready to entertain the thought of another someday. Now my second is 6 months old and I feel that ache. My husband feels that 2 is enough, but I think I’m just getting good at this parenting gig. It’s a tough decision to make, it will be a while before I’m ready to take any permanent action myself.

  5. Hmm, tried to leave a comment over at LA Moms but I don’t think it worked. I liked your thinking on this (and I guess it’s a bit late to send some advice over to Ms Octuplet who already has six). I know what Dr Phil would say: What was she thinking?

  6. I remember vividly my wonderful OBGyn asking me right after son #3 joined the party if I really was ready to go ahead with the tubal ligation I had signed ‘up’ for ahead of time. I grew up in a family of seven kids & loved it (still do), but I said my firm ‘yes’ while there was access to the parts & haven’t regretted it one bit.

    My sis’s husband got a vasectomy immediately after she gave birth to baby #2. They are now the very proud parents of three girls– two born in NYC, the youngest born in China.

  7. You’re writing for LA Moms? You’re in “our” group??? How did I not know this??

  8. I have to admit that I don’t know if I want any of my own biological children (though never say never). But when I was growing up, I did youth theatre with a family of 9. Yes, NINE. Two biological, and 7 of different colors, religions, even mental capacities. All adopted.

    I want THAT family.

    (Um. But I also want the money to support them. I don’t relish the idea of feeding them nothing but Top Ramen because I can’t afford to raise them, you know?)

  9. I stopped at one, so I don’t have a leg to stand on in the matter. What a nice bunch of bloggers over at the LA Mom’s blog, though. Such warm and welcoming comments.