Thalon Bruce Myers

I have never before read this blog, but someone else’s post sent me over there today.  As I sit here, bone tired from dealing with three jetlagged kids while my husband is on a business trip in the middle of our vacation, I am suddenly filled with dread.  As far as I can tell, she just went in and found her beautiful little boy dead and tried to revive him.  Today, he passed away at the hospital.

Go leave her a note of support while I go check in on my babies. 

And, to the grieving mommas out there in the blogosphere, the support we are trying to give is so tiny in the face of your grief, but we offer it nonetheless.

7 responses to “Thalon Bruce Myers

  1. Oh, not another baby lost, I thought at first.

    I left my sympathies there, and I give them here.

  2. I was stunned to learn this today too. It certainly lends everything perspective. I wish there was more we could do for these parents.

  3. My heart, broken as it is, goes out to the parents and families of Maddie and Thalon. I don’t know how a parent survives the loss of a child.

  4. I once read that when you have children, your heart is always walking outside your body.

  5. i know. it’s so unbearably heartbreaking.

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  7. I was at Maddie’s funeral today. It’s incredible that this could happen again in the span of a week. This is heartbreaking, just heartbreaking. The service was beautiful however and so many people were there to support the family it was amazing