Name that blog

Yesterday, I reached in my back pocket and pulled out a British coin.  That’s because I hadn’t worn those trousers since we lived in London.  Which is my way of saying I am fitting into clothes that I last wore before I got pregnant with Lilah.  Either the breastfeeding is starting to pay off or the flu I had two weeks ago had some side benefits.


I am going to start a book review blog.  It’s going to be super cool because I will be writing about books in much the same way I write about everything else.  So, it might be just a little irreverent or edgy and certainly won’t be anything you’d find in the NY Times (sad to say, because I’d love to be found in the NY Times).  But, I need a name for this blog.  So, please, tell me what to call my book review blog.  Think of a kickin’ title, because I suck at titles (except for the article I wrote about Dreiser’s anxiety about the theater, which I titled “Performance Anxiety” — that was a good title.)

12 responses to “Name that blog

  1. How about “My Book is WAY Better Than Your Book”? That’s probably too long, but something like that?

  2. Edge of the Page

  3. Oooh, yeah! Edge of the Page!

  4. This may be a little premature, but welcome to the world of book-blogging! But I had enough trouble coming up with a name for my own blog, so I’m sure you’ll get better suggestions from other people. I’ll throw one in anyway, though: “Yeah, I Read That.”

  5. I don’t have a title suggestion but I’m looking forward to reading your book blog!

  6. Sorry, no bright names here (but Edge of the Page sounds cool). I’m sure you’ll think of something – You’re Emily! (ie. kick-ass, irreverent, edgy etc.)

  7. How about “The Last Word”?

    Or “Word Bites”

    Or “The Anti-Oprah Book Club”

    Or “Keepers vs. Toilet Paper”

    OK, the last 2 were silly. But how fun!

  8. Need to know more about your intentions. All new books? Fiction? Non? YA? All?

  9. How ’bout Blooker?

  10. I’m no good at titles, but I look forward to reading you on books!

  11. How about Cooking the Books?

  12. You’re part of the new media (you even get to go to free concerts–and yes, I am just catching up after too long away from my blogs). What about ‘New Readia’?