I don’t write much about Lilah, not because I have nothing to say but because what I would write would get awfully boring in no time at all and might make you hate me.  Writing about Zachary’s high sensitivity and social anxiety is interesting.  Benjamin’s rapacity and princess shoes are amusing.  And their attempts at mutual destruction make good copy.  A baby who cries only when tired, eats the food offered, plays by herself for long stretches, and prefers to spend her time beaming at anyone who will acknowledge her?  Who the fuck wants to read about that crap?

            It’s OK if you’re envious.  I would have been, too.  The boys were wonderful babies in their own ways, but no one ever accused them of being easy.  Zachary’s need for perfect order was exhausting, and Benjamin was so loud he would wake up the baby next door.   And they have remain supremely complicated and overwhelming, in large part because they are polar opposites who have been forced by the vagaries of fortune to share not only the same house but the same set of bunk beds.  Even as I sit here, I hear Zach yelling at Benjamin, “Get back in bed!”

            Sister, I have earned this baby.

14 responses to “Tweedledette

  1. When do I get mine? Linus is easy enough in the daytime, but the kid won’t sleep at night. Come to think of it, he’s only easy compared to my other two, which isn’t saying much. Glad you got an easy one, anyway!

  2. she sounds like a total love. You more than deserve her

  3. Yes, indeed you have!

  4. I’m totally hoping for a Lilah-esque #3.

  5. It sounds like you have earned this baby, you’ll get no jealousy from me.

    My current baby is pretty easy, too. The problem is that it makes me think I want many more just like him. And we all know that’s not what I would receive.

  6. So, so happy to hear that she is such an easy baby. My third, Eli, was too, and I felt I deserved it by that point as well.

  7. I need proof of this Lilah person. Is it really possible?

  8. You have indeed. Although she did give you that scare with the hospital, which was some mighty fine writing that brought me to you in the first place. But how nice that she’s lovely as a rule.

  9. she is quite something (she says from hands on experience)

  10. I snorted when I read this post – LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Way to go – you did earn it sister!!!!

  11. My third was that way too. As he has been reaching 4 years old, life has gotten more difficult. But, he was a brilliant sleeper and smiler and that was what was needed.

  12. She sounds like a perfect 3rd child! Enjoy every minute!

  13. Doesn’t stop me from writing about my kids – even though they are easy peasy for the most part! The only one with drama is the 20 year old, and while it could be a blog unto itself and a helpful illustration for those with teen years coming up or those with step family situations, I can’t blog about her. So I blog about the boring kids!