Momma’s little boy

Sorry I have been MIA from your blogs.  In fact, I marked all as read (hangs head in shame).  I was working on a big writing project last week, and it left me too drained to do much else, with the obvious exception of scrubbing poop off my living room rug.  So, while there is much I want to blog about now, it’ll have to wait a few days.  I offer you instead two recent quotes from Zachary, who, when he isn’t driving me insane, makes me very, very proud.

“Mommy, I have an idea for my birthday party.  We could do recycle art!”

“My teachers have a plan for cooling down the earth.”  I waited to hear this plan, thrilled to hear that my son’s preschool teachers had resolved global warming.  “We can write our names on our water cups and leave them by the cooler.  Except if there’s milk, those have to go in the trash.”  

So, there you have it, folks.  He’s saving the earth one birthday party and one paper cup at a time.

10 responses to “Momma’s little boy

  1. AWWWW! Gotta love it. (Now if only the GROWN-UPS in my office were as enthusiastic about getting rid of extra paper cups . . . *sigh*)

  2. Cute! Reminds me of that commercial where the kid is helping his father be more eco-conscious. Glass? $3. Helping your dad become a better man? Priceless….

  3. Had a feeling it would come down to those two things. (Very sweet!)

  4. baby steps. we all take baby steps……


  5. Can’ t think of a better way to start saving it!

  6. Hehehe! It’s a start.

    Did you see that show on last night about the year 2100? Scared the bajeezus outta me, and I’m a staunch recycler and lean very much towards the green.

  7. Well, remember when there was no recycling and it was such a pain to get people behind it? Get ’em young. Get ’em used to it. I’m really hoping that there’s a kid out there right now who in a few years is going to figure out a whole new way for us to reuse.

  8. the truth is, if we all did it…

  9. hey, it’s all good.

    i realized at the Vacation Bible School at my church this week we will use over 1000 cups. scary.