I have a post up at LA Moms Blog, so please go over and take a look.

I like blogging over there for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it gets me invited to way cool events, like today when Zach and I are going behind the scenes at Super Why.  This is my kids’ new favorite show, and Benjamin walks around telling us, over and over and over, that “Super Why saves the day.”  So, I’m off to my glamorous life as a member of the New Media, but I’ll be back with a more substantive post tomorrow.

3 responses to “Trashy

  1. Monkey is a big fan of SuperWhy….
    Word World is a good new one too, although I find it a little bit annoying – she loves it.

  2. Jacob and I love SuperWhy, but Simon and the girls are too cool for that show. WordWorld makes me want to hurt someone. Arthur, Curious George and Martha Speaks are loved by all of the children.

  3. Hip, Hip Hooray! 🙂