Floating around the internet

I am posting over at LA Moms Blog today, and I would love if you could go over there, because I actually had something substantive(ish) to say.  I also have a new post up on Edge of the Page — please do head on over there.

My follow-up to Super Why will post next week.

3 responses to “Floating around the internet

  1. “Sensitivity to those whose lives are different than your own does not mean you have to stop celebrating the days you find meaningful, but it may mean adjusting your assumptions that everyone’s view of the world looks just like yours.”

  2. Whoops, hit the wrong button before I commented in full, but I just wanted to say — THANK YOU EMILY. Thank you for getting what so few people do. Thank you for understanding that while for many people Mother’s and Father’s Day are meaningful holidays, not everyone gets to play Happy Families.

  3. I commented on the other post then saw this today and thought of you: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0578027593/ref=pe_5050_12406720_snp_dp