My big break

Woo-hoo!!!!  My article is up at Skirt! Magazine.  Go read it!!

I also have a new book review up on Edge of the Page.

15 responses to “My big break

  1. Ah! I love it! The article is wonderful, and I bet hits home for a LOT of stay-at-home feminists! Way to go!

  2. Love the article.

  3. You rock. I loved the article.

  4. Congratulations!

    I think a lot of women our age/our generation can relate to “How feminist am I if I’m a stay-at-home mom?” I’ve divided my time between working and parenting, and whatever it makes me, I get more of a sense of satisfaction from the latter than the former. I was very proud when my then ten-year-old was listening to CNN with us during the 2004 primary season and said, “I can’t wait until I’m old enough to vote.” It would be great if we could be Activists 24-7, but activism sprinkled throughout our day can be just as effective.

  5. Loved the article. I so understand about the lack of ability to get out there and do the stuff I would like to do. I liked the positive spin you put on it, a lot.

  6. Way to go on the article!

  7. My mom was/is definitely a stay-at-home-feminist, and when we were little she used to tell us that feminism meant that we got to choose for ourselves what we wanted to do.

    Later we obviously learned about equal pay for equal work and all that, but the basic idea of getting to make our own choices, whatever those choices were, was the one that really stuck with me. (And I don’t honestly see it as separate from equality in other spheres.)

    Fantastic article.

  8. Really good. Really really good. I especially like your point about supporting working moms. Being feminist doesn’t mean you work, anyone can work or not, it means that you can work if you choose to, or not if life takes you another way. And it means raising your kids with choices.

  9. Oh well done! Love to see intelligent writers actually out there DOING it. Congratulations

  10. Spot-on article, Em.

    Didn’t I tell you that you rock? You seriously do.

  11. Great job, Em!! I’m very impressed.

  12. Great article (and great intro). I also couldn’t believe that Feminism had become a dirty word. I can sort of see why people get uncomfortable with radical feminism but mainstream feminism is just plain common-sense.

  13. Read the article and totally disagree with one thing: not having an out-of-home job every day does not make you any less of a feminist than the rest of us. You are raising all three children to live the world without gender bias. You will tell them you will support any choice they make – whether to work or “stay at home” – and you do not feed career moms guilt by thinking what you are doing is any more noble or “right”.

    You’re living your life on your terms, while recognizing this is what works for you and not all women – that is MORE of a feminist than most women are.

    As for the girls that are “anti-feminist”, I don’t know what to think. Perhaps it’s time to relabel “feminism” as “self esteem and equality for all”, and it will get more respect.