Lilah smiles

Lilah smiles.  That’s what she does.  She also eats with intense concentration.  And crawls with purpose.  And laughs with abandon.  Every now and then, she fusses, but only if there is something that she needs.

What she doesn’t do is make much noise.  We know she can babble, but most of the time, she is quiet, watching her brothers – Big Mouth and Bigger Mouth – as they tear about and talk over each other and ask innumerable questions.  I worry about it, because a child who doesn’t like to talk is an anomaly around here.  But, her hearing checks out and she seems bright enough, so we figure she is just a quiet kid.

Huh.  A quiet Rosenbaum.  The concept may take some getting used to.

She is a delightful baby.  People stop me on the street to tell me she is delicious, and that is about the best word I can think of for a baby with cheeks like peaches.  She complains so little that sometimes we forget she might need something, and I feel guilty because then I’ll play peekaboo or take her for a walk to see the flowers and she is so delighted that I worry the rest of the time she was just sitting there, hoping someone would do something with her.  Probably not, since most of the time she is crawling around, pulling pots out of the cabinets or books off the shelf.

She is easy.  Oh, so easy.  She sleeps well, eats well, and cuddles well.  We just have never had such a low-maintenance baby.

When she is thirteen, I think we are in for it.

19 responses to “Lilah smiles

  1. I really hope this next kid is like that.
    b/c if I have another one like Ani?
    um. ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I might lose my mind.

  2. My first has been pretty easy. I am TERRIFIED my next is going to be a monster…

  3. She Started It

    Oh, I’m terribly jealous of the delicious, easy baby. We make delicious babies here, but are 0 for 3 in the easy category.

  4. ‘Big Mouth and Bigger Mouth’ = SO funny!

    My little Bear was very quiet and laid back too, but at two he decided he was done with that and now he’s a loud little general.

  5. Our Number 2 didn’t speak for the longest time. That’s because our Number 1 never shut up. I think Number 2 just didn’t feel like shouting.

  6. you are TOTALLY in for it

  7. Jenna (my sister, the second daughter of three) was like that. She still kind of is actually, and she’s 28 now. She writes romance novels and trains animals for a living. We’re still trying to figure out where she came from. 😉

  8. My easy one is an adolescent now, and though it’s definitely a mentally exhausting age, all things considered, he’s still a pretty good kid. We have a few years of adolscence yet, so we’ll see.

    Cheeks like peaches….I can just about feel them. SIGH. Babies. Enjoy her.

  9. Lilah sounds delightful. And you never know, she may just stay that way. Either way, I say you enjoy her while it lasts. 🙂

  10. My third child was very quiet and so, so easy until..around fourteen months or so? Then he was exchanged for someone quite different. And definitely not easy.

    I’m just saying.

  11. From what I’ve heard and experienced, girls seem to be much more low-maintance than boys – when they’re kids. But you’re right – puberty CAN really change them … but hey, by then, you will already have experienced two puberties – I don’t think she will be able shake you too badly 😉

  12. Oh my. You’re making me want to have another baby.

  13. One of the twins was very easy as an infant- as in, minimal fussing even when getting a spinal tap at five weeks old- but by age one he was just as demanding as his brother. It was harder that way, but secretly I felt better about it.

  14. You never know – my easy baby became an easy child and an absolutely delightful teen. Come to think of it, that’s what my sister was like as well! Now me… and my two other children…

  15. I’m still waiting for my “easy” one. Hoping it’s the third!

    And here’s hoping for you that thirteen will be deliciously tranquil!

    Blessings to you and your peachfuzz baby! 😉

  16. This is what my girl was like as a baby too. Now she’s three and actively trying to destroy us on a daily basis. I hope the “easy” sticks with your sweet girl!

  17. Cheeks like peaches…oh, what a sweet comparison.

    I suspect she may end up being your quietly intense one, who becomes very passionate when she believes in something.

  18. She sounds just fine. Enjoy!

  19. Harrison is like this too. Minus the smiles, he is a serious little dude. But content. Very easy and content.

    I think they will make themselves know in someway. Besides a third kid needs to be an original right? Yeah, that’s what worried me. 🙂