Zachary, as I have mentioned, is precociously anxious.  So, I bought him the book Is a Worry Worrying You?, a lovely little book designed for the aspiring neurotic.

When we finished reading it, I asked him if he knows anyone who worries a lot, and he pointed to himself.  “But,” he amended, “you worry more than I do.”

As if that were humanly possible.  “Really?  What do I worry about?”

“When you were a child.  Children worry a lot.”

“Benjamin doesn’t worry.” I pointed out his surly but wholly relaxed brother.

“Well,” Zach replied, “that’s because he’s not normal.”

12 responses to “Perspective

  1. Ha! I love it!

  2. what IS normal, i would like to know


    OK, and in my reader it said “one person liked this”

    huh? when did facebook take over blogging?

  3. You know, I worried a lot as a little kid. Maybe Zachary’s on to something. Smart boy.

  4. Oh, good. I guess that means that I’m normal after all. Yea!

  5. Excellent! I think my mother could easily win the Queen Worrier prize, and was a Junior Champion as a child. I believe it comes part and parcel with a strong imagination and healthy slug of empathy.

  6. A boy after my own dark heart. 🙂

  7. This is so funny!! I’m glad you posted this one, and I might need to check into that book for my oldest who is suddenly a worrier (wth?)!

  8. That’s funny. Sounds like a book i could use!

  9. I just laughed out loud. No, really, I did.

  10. Haha, I love this. This makes me SO normal. That kid is wise beyond his years!

  11. i love how we all use our own selves as the measure for everybody else. i’ve been trying to beat this habit out of my system for years, but now that my kid can talk, i begin to think i’m fighting an age-old battle that i may never fully win.

  12. That kid is hilarious!!!!

    Glad you’re still alive 😉