Best laid plans of mice and moms

My children’s respective birthdays were looming, so we asked Benjamin what he would like on his birthday cake.  “I want a bat for my birthday cake!”

“You don’t want Tinkerbell?” I asked.

“Yeah! A bat and Tinkerbell for my birthday cake!”

“Which one?  A bat or Tinkerbell?’ J queried.

“A bat and Tinkerbell.”

“Honey, I’m not sure if we can do that. How about Mickey Mouse?”

“Yeah! Mickey Mouse.”

“OK, we’ll do Mickey Mouse,” J replied.

“And a bat and Tinkerbell.”

I figured that perhaps the thing to do was to establish a theme for said party, so we went to the party goods store to get the various and sundry items necessary for a third birthday party.  On the way there, I tried to figure out if I could get away with the (plain) environmentally-friendly plates for a three-year-old’s birthday party, provided that the rest of the stuff was festive enough.

The place where we are having the party suggested four table cloths, so my plan was simple: allow Benjamin to choose a table cloth and then get the rest of the stuff to match.  Having learned absolutely nothing from the birthday cake discussion, I thought he would look at the array of tablecloths and determine a theme.

“I want this!” he exclaimed in front of a plastic purse.

“We do not need a purse for your party.”

“What’s this?”

“That’s a musical hula hoop.”

“I want musical hula hoop for my party.”

Zachary chimed in: “I need to go to the bathroom.”

Having finally made it to the party decorations section, I started showing Ben the possible table cloths.  “Do you want Princess?”

“Yeah.  Mommy, what’s this?”

“Can we please focus on the tablecloths?  There’s also Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse.”

“There’s Spiderman,” Zachary ever-so-helpfully pointed out.

“Honey, please.  I don’t want him to have Spiderman.”

“Mommy, I want these glasses for my birthday party.”

I ended up laying out all the appropriate tablecloths, hoping he’d pick one and I could build a theme from there.  He chose four.  Four different ones.  And cups.  And napkins.  Not necessarily ones that matched the tablecloths.

Thank god I got those plain, eco-friendly plates and forks, because this party now has six different themes, and that’s not counting the Shrek birthday cake.

Happy third birthday to my devilishly adorable middle child.  And happy anniversary to my in-laws.

15 responses to “Best laid plans of mice and moms

  1. Aww. Happy 3rd Birthday to your darling Benjamin.

  2. Happy birthday to Benjamin!

    And I so totally understand that outing. If it’s any consolation I’m sure the other kids will love the many-themed event. Kids are all about more-more-more in my experience. They will take quantity over good taste any day of the week.

  3. Can I come to the party if I bring a musical hula hoops? It sounds like it’s going to be an awesome time.

    Happy birthday to your sweet boy!

  4. Happy birthday to your middle guy. (Wow, themes… novel idea.)

  5. wow, i really try to avoid taking MQ into those stores. ever. they are like crack for kids, I think. “all my favorite characters! on cups! and toys! and plates! and costumes!”


  6. It certainly sounds festive! I’m actually quite taken with the idea of a bat and Tinkerbell sharing cake real estate. But maybe they wouldn’t appreciate having Shrek as a roomie.

  7. thegreenlife04

    What a great story.

  8. What, no Spiderman?? 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday!

    I was never organized enough for themes. This year my older dtr is thinking of having a theme for hers and her sis’s parties. If the 2 of them want to figure it out, I’ll go along with it!

  10. how come you didn’t want him to have Spiderman?

  11. spiderman is too scary

  12. My husband’s mother threw him a Shrek birthday party.

    He was 29.

  13. Sometimes…it is so much easier not to give the choices. But it will be fun!

  14. Happy Birthday. Ahhh, three!

  15. Themes for birthdays are over-rated. I’m sure it was completely divine.