In my mind

Every now and then, by happenstance, I come across a song or a smell that reminds me of an emotion I once had but that I have long since forgotten I am capable of feeling.  A taste or a color that brings forward with startling clarity the me I once was, before I became whatever facsimile of an identity I am right now.

Jen posted this on Facebook, and I cried as I watched it.  Because somewhere inside of someone’s wife and several people’s mother, I have to believe there is still the girl I was back when I would go to concerts and flirt with people I didn’t know or care to know and climb ladders with a wrench in hand to tighten a lighting instrument just because I wanted to face down my fear of heights.  Back when my best friend and I would listen to JT while we gossiped and polished our waitressing sneakers.

I love my family, and I love being there for them.  But sometimes I go to Carolina in my mind.

15 responses to “In my mind

  1. I’ve thought this so many times – wondered where that girl is, exactly. Parts of her I was fond of.

    How I adore James Taylor. My husband hates concerts but JT is one I made him take me to a few years ago!

  2. He reminds me of when I was a kid.

  3. thegreenlife04

    Emily, are you SURE we weren’t just separated at birth? Positive?

    Brian and I had the exact same conversation yesterday morning.

  4. It’s hard not to lose yourself when you have kids. It’s hard to balance who you were with who you are now.

  5. James Taylor reminds me of my childhood. Listening to him just evokes this whole other identity for me. I think his music has that power, there’s just something about it. It’s perfectly wistful and enduring.

  6. I linked to this post through thegreenlife04…and this speaks to me as well!!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh, yes, “rock-a-bye sweet baby James…” and I’m “back in the day.”

  8. Cheeky Monkey

    I started reading this and began humming the Ryan Adams song about Carolina. (Oh my sweet Carolina/what compels me to go). Then I was like, wait! that’s not the song. I wonder if my boyfriend was inspired by yours.

  9. “Fire and Rain” makes me cry. Loves it.

  10. Oh! I used to really like James Taylor when I was a teenager. I expect I still like him, with that sidelined part of me. You are so right that a piece of music can get the past rushing back. And you are still that same person, just leaning heavily on a few of your characteristics at present, the ones you need to get through the day.

  11. love JT. but then i’m sure you already knew that.

  12. I think I now know why my parents loved the music of their teens and twenties. It is so true how a piece of music can take you back to that life before responsibilities…sometimes I miss that me…though I suppose I don’t have to go to Carolina in my mind, since I live here.

  13. Love love love JT. Seen him several times live, including Jazz Fest last year. Fire and Rain, I think, is the one that brings back the most memories for me.

  14. I too once had fun. . . er, not to this song. I was more of a Rush girl. Still.