Because I went to bed instead of writing a post

I’ve been wanting to write a post, but it didn’t get done.  It will be coming soon.  For now, may I just say that I feel a great sadness at the passing of Senator Kennedy?  You can take the girl out of Massachusetts, but you can’t take the Massachusetts liberal out of the girl.

4 responses to “Because I went to bed instead of writing a post

  1. Going to bed is good! I’ll look forward to your post whenever.

  2. I absolutely love your blog; I am an avid reader. Keep em coming. I can’t believe you are saddened by his passing though — I can’t get past the fact that he killed someone.

  3. I’ve felt sad about his passing, too — and I have to say annoyed at all those who condemn him. I’m not sure there are going to be opportunities ever again for that sort of politician. To be sure, he was a man with grotesque frailties (although murder is not one of them) but he did some amazing things to affect most of our lives here in this tired, old country.

  4. I feel that way about him, too.

    And, um, hi. Sorry I’ve been MIA. So.