Yeah, I sent another email to the White House

Dear Mr. President,

I think it’s great you want to address the school children of this nation. See, because you’re the… um… whadduya callit? Yeah, the President. That’s sortakinda your job. Good luck dealing with all the whackjobs, dude.

All the best,

Emily Rosenbaum

14 responses to “Yeah, I sent another email to the White House

  1. YES!!! I cannot BELIEVE the furor over this. Like he’s going to brainwash the children in 10 minutes. in my school district they sent home a letter to the high school parents telling parents if they don’t want their kids to watch to president DURING THEIR SOCIAL STUDY CLASS that they have to contact the principal. And parents are up in arms, saying they should have to give permission for their child to watch it. You should have to GIVE permission for your child to listen to the President of the United States give a 10 minute speech during a class that includes discussing current events?????? What do they think he’s going to do, include subliminal messages telling all the kids to become socialists?

  2. Brilliant.

    Here in NY, school doesn’t start until Wednesday, so it’s a complete non-issue.

  3. queenofhaddock

    Right? This big hoop-la is driving me a little batty. HE’S THE PRESIDENT.

  4. so funny — I wrote my own letter over on my blog —

  5. You guys have a right wing that is insane and scary. Our PM (little Bush) is scary in his own right. But so far small potatoes in comparison.

  6. That is the best email to the president ever, I think. And I love that you guys have the sort of leader you could even write that kind of email to. I cannot imagine calling my Prime Minister ‘dude’.

  7. Em- would you have had the same reaction in ’91 when Bush did the same thing?

  8. Not discussing the content as I haven’t looked at what he discussed and so cannot speak to it, but, yeah. I assume the President should address the kids. Because he’s their President, too. Did I like Bush? No. He was my President, and I think he should have addressed the nation — of all ages.

  9. This whole brouhaha has me so bewildered. I don’t get it.

  10. I’ve heard several people banned/confused over their kids getting opt-out letters. Well, get ready for this….the school district in our area has BANNED THE SPEECH FROM THE ENTIRE DISTRICT!!!

    Truly, I don’t get it.

  11. Oops, I meant to say “baffled/confused” up above – I guess I had banned on the brain.

  12. You know, I’ve been so busy and not paying attention to much of the news that I actually thought this controversy was a joke. I mean, what else could it be?

    This country gets crazier by the second. People biting off the fingers of people they don’t agree with at a healthcare rally, and our President has to give a rough draft of a speech he’s going to make to the children? I just don’t know…

  13. The people in the US are becoming a bit eccentric. It’s been coming on for a while and it eased off a bit after the true craziness earlier int he decade, but I sometimes wonder if all the freaks out there protesting this, that and the other are actually paid extras.