In case you think I am pulling the old bait-n-switch on you, please trust that I am just tinkering with the muffin recipes.  I took them down because, after all your helpful feedback, I am trying a few new things.  I will repost, I promise.  In the meantime, if you want the recipes as they stand, feel free to shoot me an email.

Now excuse me while I go try to figure out who the hell Kanye West is.

5 responses to “Tease

  1. ugh, don’t bother with Kanye.

  2. LOL – I actually asked my husband, who is less aware of pop culture than I am, but he knew about it. I think that comes from getting out of the house and away from people under four feet on a regular basis.

  3. Yeah– Kanye West — just when the news becomes overwhelming, we get to hear all about nonsense.

  4. Sh*t. I had the song with me just for you and forgot to take my ipod out and play it for you.