Whadduya know

There were many thoughtful comments on my posts of the last two days.  The ones that made me chuckle, however, were those that expressed surprise that I am an extrovert.  It got me to thinking that, although we can know so much about another person from her writing, there are also some pretty basic things we do not know.  So, I thought I’d start a meme that the rest of you should feel free to pick up on your own blogs.

Today’s exercise is for those who do NOT know me In Real Life.  I am asking you to leave a comment with one to three personality traits you think describe me, as you imagine I would be in the flesh.  Then, tomorrow, I’ll ask those of you who DO know me In Real Life to comment on the list of traits.

This is an exercise in narcissism, to be sure, but it is also about the way a writer portrays herself and is received by her readers.  I hope you will play along, because I am interested to see the results.

And, I am way too tired to write much of a post on my own.

22 responses to “Whadduya know

  1. Focused. Opinionated (though respectful – I am not using that word as a euphemism for rude). Informed.

  2. Does talking to you on the phone for two minutes count as knowing you in real life? I don’t think so. I think in real life you are stubborn and have a great sense of humor. Also I think you smell like fresh baked bread.

  3. Organized, sensible, and a sense of humour that’s a touch on the dry side.

  4. Forthright and honest.

  5. You remind me of me (not to sound even more narcissistic)

    Somewhat anal, likes to swear, funny as hell

  6. Deeply committed and passionate about the things that touch you, fiercely loyal and generous to those you love, ruthless with yourself

  7. Hmmm. Intense, direct, and like Megan said, hard on yourself.

  8. Passionate, quiet and smiling.

  9. I don’t know you at all, but I imagine you to be demanding, opinionated and fiercely protective of those you love.

  10. intense


    (wouldn’t it have been fun if I could have thought of a synonym for “compassionate” that begins with an i?)

  11. Fierce



  12. 1. direct
    2. super-intelligent
    3. tired

    In the very best possible way. 🙂

  13. Speaking as someone who has known Emily for years, I am really looking forward to tomorrow 🙂

  14. sentimental

  15. Witty (funny, but with intelligence)




  16. Quiet in new situations – closely observing and generating opinions. Outspoken in familiar situations. Quick to see and laugh at what’s absurd.
    I’m not even sure those are personality characteristics. Huh. Well, ask an amateur a question and really, what do you expect?

  17. I imagine you see things in black and white – no shades of gray. I am guessing you are the type of person to throw zingers that people think are funny – until they get home and realize it might not have been a compliment. And everyone else wishes they were the one who said it, because it’s the truth, but no one else had the balls.

  18. Outspoken, tenacious, prone to self-reflection that sometimes more closely resembles self-doubt.

  19. Hm. Okay.

    Opinionated. Forward-thinking. Thoughtful.

  20. well read
    no nonsense/direct

  21. Erudite, active, has high standards.

  22. 1. Caring and nurturing
    2. will go to the ends of the earth for your family and what you believe in without backing down
    3. What Brigid said!