If you know me IRL, it’s your turn

Yesterday, I asked those who know me only through my writing to list some of the traits they imagine me to have.  As of 10:00 last night (PST), the following were the responses.

Note: I have tried to group together related comments, indicating which were repeated several times.  I have separated comments by different people within the same topic using semi-colons.


Opinionated (x4); Outspoken


Great sense of humor; a sense of humour that’s a touch on the dry side; funny as hell; ironic; Witty (funny, but with intelligence); Quippy; “the type of person to throw zingers that people think are funny – until they get home and realize it might not have been a compliment. And everyone else wishes they were the one who said it, because it’s the truth, but no one else had the balls.”

Quick to see and laugh at what’s absurd



Forthright; honest; Direct (x2)

Somewhat anal

Likes to swear

Deeply committed and passionate about the things that touch you, Passionate, Dedicated

Fiercely loyal and generous to those you love; fiercely protective of those you love.

Ruthless with yourself; hard on yourself; prone to self-reflection that sometimes more closely resembles self-doubt.

Intense (x2)

Quiet (x2); Quiet in new situations – closely observing and generating opinions, outspoken in familiar situations.



Demanding; Fierce; tenacious







Stubborn; you see things in black and white – no shades of gray.



And, my favorite: Also I think you smell like fresh baked bread.

Indeed, I do.  When I don’t smell like sweat and puke.

OK, those of you who know me in real life.  It’s your turn.  What do you think of this list?  How well do people know me from my writing?  What would you add?  This leads to all sorts of questions about which person is more real – the written or the in-flesh.

9 responses to “If you know me IRL, it’s your turn

  1. Opinionated, kind, woman-supporting

  2. 1.) Extroverted.
    2.) Intelligent.
    3.) Hawt.

    The responses from yesterday were all very interesting and in may ways right on the button for my view of Emily from when I knew here from the age of 13 to the age of 19. We lost touch for a while and in the last year have gotten a chance to catch up a bit and while there are changes, she’s still the same, effervescent, intelligent, fun to be around person. I’m sure she can still drive people crazy, but she’s got a great deal of empathy for others and that goes a long way in my opinion. Plus she’s damned attractive!

  3. I think they have described you quite well!

  4. I’m surprised over your responses. To me, you seem like a surprisingly black and white person, quite righteous, dominant, annoying, egoistic BUT with a great sence of humor.
    The fact that you obviosly are really smart makes those things harder for me to get. To me, you seem to be kind of the person that I really would’nt stand if I meet you in a store. Complaining much in the line? Oh yeah, pretty sure about that. A b***h against for example your childrens teachers? Oh yeah, pretty sure about that.
    Splendid writing though.

  5. I would add haunted by the past. Also loving BV’s description of you, you bitch! 😉 I wouldn’t have come up with dominant, righteous or annoying, for what it’s worth. But I guess that makes the ‘splendid’ writing comment all the more meaningful.

  6. Awesome. Was waiting for someone to call me a bitch…

  7. I forgot to say “tough” (and hopefully, capable of ignoring insults).

  8. Well, as someone who’s known in IRL before any kids, I’m shocked to see people think you are an introvert. I don’t see it, not even from your writing. And having known you post-kids, you’re still you. If I were there I’d take you for a night of drinks.

  9. Please tell me that B.V. is not someone who knows you in real life.

    I am feeling all righteous and bitchy about his/her comment…