The one in which Emily apologizes for the one-way conversation

I just want to say I know I have sucked at reading other people’s blogs lately.  And I am sorry.  And I hit “Mark All as Read” again just now.  Do me a favor, huh?  If something really big has happened in your life lately, leave me the link to the post.  Because — and it bears repeating — I suck at reading blogs lately.

10 responses to “The one in which Emily apologizes for the one-way conversation

  1. This post makes me laugh. I enjoy reading your blog no matter if you ever visit my own. So, no worries. But since you asked, I’ve won a million dollars, found a cure for my child’s uncontrolled seizure disorder and have lost over forty pounds.

  2. Totally understand.

  3. I did housework just now. Trust me, that’s a development.

  4. You just missed the crashing normalcy of my life, and the horrific melodrama that is my tango with the universe. Oh, wait- that’s all of us.

  5. I think all you’ve missed over at my place is pictures and a post about riding around in my Dad’s vet truck. Jelly filled donuts, El Caminos, vet boxes, and carrion. Ah, it’s a classic tale.

    Nothing earth shattering, and that’s the way I like it! 🙂

    I’ve been awful at reading blogs, as well. I have no time! Your last post about who is up in your son’s head…making life more difficult for him… I only got to read the first couple of lines before my three year old needed to go potty, but I’ve bookmarked it. I have one of those in my house as well.

    Hoping all is well.

  6. LOL! I’m doing the same thing at the moment: not leaving many comments at all. Real life gets in the way of online life on occasion! 🙂

    Over my way (not totally sure when you read last, so if you already know some of this, sorry!):
    Grandpa died
    Took the LSAT
    Applying to law school
    Leaving for a convention in Orlando on Saturday
    Grandma’s dying (will probably die while I’m in Orlando. For the love of God.)

    That pretty much sums it up!

    Now, if I could only keep my POSTS that concise! Ha!

  7. Me? I went and saw Where the Wild Things Are. Yeah, my life is just that exciting . . .

  8. I don’t know if I’m in your reader or not, but I do read your blog daily. And no worries if you don’t read mine because that won’t stop me from enjoying your writing.

    As for what you would not see if you read my blog because I haven’t been posting much lately, but has been happening, I have this:

    -I’ve been applying for grad school to get my MBA

    -I’ve been having a slight identity crisis as I try to write a goal statement for the application that has made me question why I’m doing what I’m doing and what I hope to get out of it all.

    -My sister-in-law’s cancer has returned. We think. She had a biopsy today and the surgeon said it didn’t look cancerous, but he had also never seen anything like it so he doesn’t really know what they cut out of her. I’m not sure if that’s a positive or negative response. Biopsy results come on Monday.

    -My cousin died unexpectedly. Well, not really unexpectedly, but no one in the family knew she was experiencing liver and kidney failure at the age of 33 so her death came as a surprise.

    -Another cousin has a mysterious illness that is causing fainting spells and a loss of cognitive abilities. Tests and scans are coming back normal. We don’t know what’s up with that.

    -My mom and sister are fighting and using me as a conduit for conversation. It sucks.

    And sorry for the huge comment posting – I guess I needed to get this off my chest. Sad thing is though, I won’t post most of this on my blog because lots of family read my blog and don’t want me to publish personal things and I also don’t want some of my family to know how I feel about lots of this. Sigh. So, I guess I’ll just feel good knowing I left all this on a comment section. Sorry about that.

  9. Ha, that’s pretty funny. I’ve had an impulse like this, too, to just want the fact when I cannot manage the details.

    Anyway nothing big going on with me. When we finally move to Sweden, then I’ll let you know.

  10. You don’t have to click over to me…I’ll let you know that my husband got a job! Which is wonderful because his current company is shutting down operations in our area.

    I also pulled my left stomach muscle. I’m quite perplexed by that. If you know why leave me some info 🙂