Zachary’s favorite muffins

One of the biggest challenges of raising Zachary is that he changes his food preferences on a bi-weekly basis.  Today, he adores apples, but with the skin removed.  Tomorrow, he will eat only the skin, disposing of the entire white inside.  Next week, he will want pears.  Or star fruit.  Or cauliflower.

No, not cauliflower.  There’s not much I know in this world, but one thing I am pretty sure he will never, ever ask me for cauliflower.  That certainty lends an air of predictability to my universe.

This makes baking an extra-special kind of challenge.  By the time I actually buy the groceries, mix the batter, and bake the muffins, he’s likely to change his tastes.  We do best with recipes that require a short bake-time.  If they spend too long in the oven, he may not want them anymore by the time they come out.

One week, it’s all about the carrot-apple muffins.  He’s refusing any other food, handing muffins out to his friends at play dates, and telling me I am the best baker in the whole world.  Then, two days later, I offer him one.  “Yuck!” he exclaims.  “Those are disgusting.”

I sigh.  “I need to pack you something for lunch,” I tell him.  “What kind of muffins would you like?”

“I’ll only eat the pumpkin muffins,” he declares.

“So, if we get pumpkin at the grocery store, you will eat the muffins for lunch?  For three days?”

“Yes!  The pumpkin muffins are my favorites,” he tells me.  Now, far be it from me to remind him that two weeks ago, he declared the pumpkin muffins “monstrous.”  They are his favorites.  So, I will bake them.

They are best in the fall, when we can get real pumpkins.  I hate to use canned pumpkin.  For any number of reasons: BPAs in the cans, manufacturing pollution, loss of nutrients, extra rubbish created. Take your pick.  But, when Zachary is your child, you must sometimes make some concessions to necessity, and whole pumpkins are hard to come by in January.

I have removed the recipe.  Please email me if you would like a copy.  My email address is on the About page.

I have not worked much with dried, ground ginger before, but I must say I like it.  I don’t use a lot of ginger, and so I find when I buy the fresh stuff, some always goes to waste.  With the ground stuff, I always have it on hand.

I will delete this recipe in a day or two.

5 responses to “Zachary’s favorite muffins

  1. My father called me on November 1st to boast about what he calls his ‘liberated pumpkins.’ It seems the neighbors had bought four enormous, gorgeous pumpkins to carve and then left them, the morning after Halloween, out for trash. It was more than my father could bear and he set off down the road with a wheelbarrow. We are still being treated now and then to ‘liberated pumpkin cake’ and ‘liberated pumpkin bread.’ I doubt anything else will have that particularly sweet flavor to him!

  2. I may be mistaken, but I believe you can freeze fresh ginger and use it as needed.

  3. couldn’t you use butternut squash or another winter squash?

  4. what I think is so wonderful is that you can make another post with the same title inside of a week & it will be a different recipe, a different story.

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