In which Emily repeatedly tells you where to go

I want to thank you all for your comments last week.  You have no idea how much it helped me to read your words and know that I am not alone.  I wanted to email you each to say thank you, but then so many of you came out to write to me.  I promise I will not be posting daily on How Do You Solve a Problem Like Zachary, because there’s no downer like consistent whining.  Rest assured, however, that while I am cheerfully babbling on about the sweetness that is 16 months and the cuteness that is three-and-a-half, I am daily facing the Den of Despair that is raising a highly sensitive five-year-old. I’ll just spare you the details.

Speaking of babbling, go over and check out the list of blogs nominated for best Mommy Blog.  Some of you are there.  Do feel free, if you actually do like my blog, to tell them about it.  You have to scroll WAY down to find Wheels on the Bus, or you can just use the “search” function.  Please click “like” for all the blogs you enjoy.  Since we don’t get paid out here on the internet, it’s the best way to let other bloggers know you like what they are doing.  Seriously – go do it.  If you are reading a blog on a regular basis, consider the 27 seconds it takes a way to say “thank you.”

And, speaking of the cuteness that is three-and-a-half, just after baking a batch of muffins and while listening to Pete Seeger, Benjamin decided to slam dunk my laptop onto the kitchen floor.  Go ahead, breathe into a brown paper bag until you stop hyperventilating – I certainly had to.

Can you breathe again?  So, the files are all OK, but the screen is bent.  I am sending her off to the store for a little straightening out, so I may not have access for a few days, which sucks donkey breath because I have a deadline I am trying to meet.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know in case you email me to tell me that the sky is falling and I don’t reply.  I have a few posts in the queue, so you most likely won’t even notice I’m gone.

Speaking of the sky falling, Issa could use some support right about now.  Please drop by her site.

That is all.  Go – back up your computer right now.  Because a three-and-a-half year old may be right around the corner.

6 responses to “In which Emily repeatedly tells you where to go

  1. Mmm… harsh! My five-, ten- and fifteen-year-olds all did idiot things to my computer, but I never had screen damage to show for it. Lucky you that the screen wasn’t cracked! Good job little guy.

  2. great title! Ha, I certainly did click that like button a few times.
    I am late to the mudroom party/dust up, but just wanted to give a sympathetic nod your direction. Life with Henry (5 1/2) is much the same & it ain’t all the SPD. He is strong willed and has some sort of weird knack of getting off kilter just when the rest of the ship is righted. The moment we notice a spot of calm peaceful play among our three, Henry is sure to swipe something, or shout at someone or suddenly decide nothing but more food (most likely something I don’t have in the house) or a video game (that I have no intention of letting him play) will make him happy.
    In fact, my blog reading time has lasted the grand total the time it took me to comment this because he realized that all was calm. That’s over now.
    So, I hear ya & hang in there, or what have you. Not sure what else to say but I do hear ya.

  3. Hey, remember when Badger peed in my computer? Yeah. Good times. Glad your files are safe.

    You never need to apologize for having a rough day, babe. You don’t need to pretend things are swell when they are the suck. Not with us. Always know I’m here with an ear and a shoulder.

    I stopped by Issa’s to leave her some support, too.

  4. Thank you Emily. I can not even begin to thank you enough.

  5. Thanks…unfortunately you’re about a week too late. I lost everything on my laptop last week when the hard drive spontaneously decided to fail. Didn’t recover my files, but consider it a clean slate for a new year. So glad that your data is intact!! (and just as you are doing, I promptly emailed some friends to make sure the first thing they did in the new year was to back up the computer).
    Thanks for sharing with us. Looking forward to more sweetness, and don’t hold in the despair! It’s not healthy!

  6. I voted for you! And myself, too, because I am not totally selfless. Luckily thing this contest doesn’t call for that. 😉

    And I’m so sorry to hear about your laptop. I’m glad the files are intact, and I hope that she is returned to you quickly.