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In response to my lament about having to use canned pumpkin, Magpie ever-so-innocently asked why I can’t use fresh squash, instead.

Because, when I bake fresh squash, I invite Benjamin in to stand on our kitchen step-ladder and participate in the skinning and pureeing of said vegetable.   He decides he needs to eat some of the squash.  He proceeds to eat all but about three tablespoons of the puree, which is more or less useless in baking terms.  So, I offer the rest of the squash to Lilah, who stands on a dining room chair eating it with a spoon from a ramekin.  It is my chair, which gets squash on approximately three-quarters of its surface.   When Lilah indicates that she is finished, I wipe her down and she heads into the kitchen, where she cackles with delight as she climbs up and down the step-ladder in the middle of the kitchen.  I go to remove the ramekin and notice there are about two teaspoonfuls left, which at this point I may as well eat.  I walk past Lilah as I take the first of two bites, whereupon she screams at me.  I sigh and put the last spoonful into her mouth as she stands on the step-ladder, wash out the Cuisinart, put away the step-ladder when she gets down to go pull all the little cards out of Candyland, and start to scrub down my dinner chair.

I give up and decide to make garbanzo muffins, instead.

The recipe has been removed.  Please let me know if you need a copy.

8 responses to “Squash

  1. That is the funniest recipe intro I can ever remember reading.

    (And of course I have registered my fondness for your blog!!

  2. So glad there are others who freak out about kitchen and food mess. Even reading YOU talk about it made my blood pressure rise. I had to hold a towel and cleanser and breathe deeply to get back into relaxation. PHEW.

    Here’s a strange one: I’m allergic to pumpkin and squash. The insides only. One touch of those gooey insides, and that finger will explode to a red, firey, ball-o-finger. None of that nonsense here.

  3. Okay, okay. I kind of wish my kid would eat squash…

  4. Oh, Em. You have such a way of painting a picture (with squash puree!).

    I wish Badger would wolf down squash. He seems convinced I am trying to poison him. Sigh.

  5. Where can I go on your blog to see all of your yummy muffin recipes? I want to follow in your footsteps but don’t know how labels work on WordPress, apparently.

  6. I clicked (maybe more than once). Congratulations- you’re now in the Top 50.

    Ah, chickpeas- used to love those beige little bastards until my throat started closing up when I ate them. Mashed is good- hummus!- but you can also get the flour at a health or Indian food store. I think it’s called besan, and it adds great texture to baked goods.

  7. We often have leftover garbanzos, so I’ll definitely try this (with an adaption to replace the oatmeal, for allergy/sensitivity issues). Sounds yummy!

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