Global positioning

Just a note to let my husband know that, in the future, if I should be driving into Manhattan (along routes I don’t know well because we just moved here to this very far suburb) with both boys to attend a birthday party in that begins at an apartment and ends at the circus, after which I will be leaving with two very tired children, and I ask if we can switch cars, it might – it just might – behoove you to mention to me that you have set your GPS to exclude all highways so that I don’t find myself exploring every tiny little back road of New Jersey.

That is all.

7 responses to “Global positioning

  1. Oh, the dire consequences you could bring down on someone for that…

  2. I sort of sympathize with your husband. I am sometimes terrified of highways, particularly I-93.

  3. Oh no. I just … there are no words. I’m glad you made it out to tell the tale.

  4. Duuuude! I didn’t even know you could set them like that.

    What a trip–

  5. Ouch!

  6. I’m sorry 😦 Sure hope it was worth it!!