Alive and well and living in New Jersey

Don’t worry about me.  I’m fine.  I’m just working on some stuff that — you know — actually pays me.  Plus, the kids are all in growth spurts, which means that I need to dig out the next size clothing, so if you all ever want me to have time to blog again, please send me all your hand-me-down size 5T clothing.  Because Zachary looks like he’s wearing pedal pushers these days.

Benjamin was eying my computer the other day, which — ever since the Flying Laptop Incident — makes us all a little nervous.  “Don’t touch Mommy’s computer,” Zach told him.  “Or you won’t be allowed in our house anymore.”

“For goodness sake!” I said.  “Don’t tell him that!”

“But it’s true.  If he breaks your computer, you won’t be able to work anymore and we’ll be homeless.”

Now, in response, did I point out to him that what I make as a freelance writer doesn’t even pay for our yearly supply of dental floss?  No, I just reminded him for the hundred and ninety-seventh time that — in the event that we run out of money and are not be able to pay rent — we can always move in with his grandparents, so he has no reason to fear homelessness.  Because, if that child wants to believe his mama is picking up 50% of the tab around here, I say bless his little heart.  Who am I to set him straight?

7 responses to “Alive and well and living in New Jersey

  1. My beanpole just outgrew everything too. I keep wondering where those long legs came from, because his father and I both strongly resemble Weebles. Off to the consignment store this week!

    I laughed and laughed about Zach’s admonishment to Benjamin – first, because I can SO identify with that kind of leaping logic, and second, because I suspect Benjamin was completely nonplussed even by such a dire warning.

  2. Is Zachary the one that likes pink? Because I might have some of that…

  3. A friend of mine, who is a stay-at-home mom, has a toddler who, whenever her father goes off to work in the morning cries for Daddy for a while. One day her older daughter said, in an exasperated voice, “Daddy has to go to work! Don’t you want to live in this house! We need money!!”

  4. We’re dealing with a growth spurt here. Also, kindergarten registration. I am so not handling it well.

    And I would not do any setting straight. In fact, I might just milk it for all it’s worth in an effort to get more time to myself. It could work!

  5. Maybe it is the emotional anguish he is referring to “But it’s true. If he breaks your computer, you won’t be able to work anymore and we’ll be homeless.”.
    You “make” their home and your children feel something akin to homelessness when you are upset.. . . poorly expressed, but I hope you get the gist.

  6. Heck yeah, let him think that. 🙂 (I’m excited for you that you’re busy with some writing work!)

  7. Been wondering ’bout you. Glad things are fine and you are not homeless. Keep working and we’ll see you when we see you. 🙂