Please go read the essay I have up at Skirt! I am so proud of this one.

10 responses to “Miserly

  1. LOL- I could never bring myself to pay upwards of $15 for a… plate?

    While I am with you on most things recycling, I am ruthless about my dishes and glasses. If I see a chip, it’s gone. Someone said something when I was a child about a shard of glass or ceramic chipping into my throat and causing me to bleed to death, and I’ve never forgotten the imagery. However, since I buy almost all of my dishes from the second-hand store- or take my mother-in-law’s leftovers- I don’t feel too bad.

    (Sorry to comment here- the late evening connection I have is making the registration at Skirt too long.)

  2. Love it. Though one thing confuses me – do you and your husband think 65 is toasty warm and profligate, or chilly miserliness?

  3. Are you new to skirt? I write there, too. Great piece!

  4. Well, Magpie, that depends who you ask.

  5. You. Write. So. Well!

    and this is another example of why we are friends! I also hate our dishes and do a little happy dance with each melodious crash. The K boys still can’t figure out why I am peeved with each spill of milk, and oddly pleased with each destruction of a dish 😉

  6. I swore off as much plastic as possible as my new year’s resolution. Still have a paper-towel addiction, but maybe I’ll try the rag thing.

    Also, I’m pretty sure 12-year-old sweatpants are the cornerstone of any environmental crusade. I know mine are.

  7. Good Essay!

    I think its funny how its all a matter of perspective, I REFUSED to register for my wedding because I was a modern gal who lived on her own prior to marriage and why do i need people to buy my STUFF (especially stuff i already had and enjoyed–even though most of what I had was second-hand)… but that is because I am cheap, and my house here smack dab in the middle of the midwest, is set to a balmy 64 in the winter (62 sometimes) and hovers around 80 in the summer.

    No offense though, I cannot handle the pee sitting in the toilet, my grandma does it, and the smell when I walk in the bathroom just gags me…. CANNOT DO IT…. so instead when I had to replace a broken toilet I purchased a low flow “super flusher” so that I can feel better that we are using less than 1/2 the water we used to.

  8. Maybe list your dishes on a local site and if they sell, you would be free to choose “new” ones. Someone would be using them, just not you. Or, break them all and make a great mosaic to decorate your wall. 🙂

  9. Great job, as usual Em. Funny, I almost bought new dishes yesterday! (I’m totally serious and not stalking you or claiming we are twins separated at birth.)

    Our dishes are the “good” dishes we picked for our wedding. Being right out of college, none of our friends had any $$, nor did our families, and our wedding was small. So instead of expensive china, we chose nice stoneware. After the everyday dishes broke 5 years ago, I was like you and said — why buy, let’s just use these. Now I’m hating them. You have good reasons for holding off, but I’m itching to get something bright and cheery and cheap. I’m considering it an investment in my mental health!

  10. Awesome Emily! I find that when I donate old stuff to the battered women’s shelter it alleviates most of my consumer guilt. That said, I have all my “old” dishes up on my highest shelf and use the shelf I can reach for inexpensive cheap and cheerful dishes that won’t last much longer.