Sorry so silent

If I had power or Internet access, I would be posting. For the last three days, we’ve had no heat, hot water, phone, or stove. What we do have is four inches of water on the cellar. Maybe our landlords should have considered the sump pump with the backup battery. I’m just sayin’.

6 responses to “Sorry so silent

  1. You know, I hadn’t heard of a sump pump before this weekend.

    Hope power and all of the niceties that go with it are restored soon. They’re half of why I’m a fan of civilization.

  2. coldspaghetti

    Oh my. Hope the fixin’ comes QUICKLY.

  3. Cheeky Monkey

    good lord. i hope you get your power back right this minute.

  4. Battery back up would not have lasted 4 days. Trust me. We’ve had 3 floods in 5 years.

  5. Thats terrible, hopefully its all worked out now.

    @rayne even if the battery didn’t last that long, it might have helped to stop the problem from starting in the first place.