Scene from a preschool bathroom

The girls’ room at Benjamin’s preschool is pink.  The toilets are low, requiring more concentration than I usually put into that particular activity, but the sinks are normal height.  There are stools near the sinks, usually used by three-year-olds for hand-washing, but also a lovely spot for Lilah to sit, kicking her legs and smiling, while she waits for me to pee.

As I tinkled and Lilah sat, a teacher walked in with two girls.  “Well, hello!” she exclaimed.  Lilah responded with a noise of reciprocal delight.

I zipped up and came out of the stall.  This was not one of Benjamin’s regular teachers, but she is occasionally in his classroom and knows me by sight.  She turned to Lilah.  “You must be Lucy.  Benjamin was talking a lot about you today.”

I sighed.  “No, actually, this is Lilah.  Lucy is Benjamin’s hand puppet.”

The poor teacher looked rather abashed.  “Oh, I just thought…”

“I know.  He talks about Lucy as if she were alive.  And he talks about her a heck of a lot more than he talks about his sister.  In fact, he probably would gladly trade this one in for Lucy.”  I smiled as reassuringly as I could and then led my toddler from the lavatory so we could go wait for Benjamin to come out of his classroom.  As we stood there in the hall, another teacher walked by.

“Hi, Lucy,” she sang out, patting Lilah on the head.

8 responses to “Scene from a preschool bathroom

  1. Too, too funny.

  2. Darn brothers!
    One of Dash’s teachers mentioned at a conference once that she didn’t even know he had a little brother because Dash never talked about him.

  3. One of my daughters always took “Mouse” with her to nursery school, in fact, I think that “Mouse” probably talked to the teacher more than my daughter did. Once, when I went in to pick my daughter and “Mouse”, the teacher told me that she (the teacher) and “Mouse” had been having a typical conversation. My daughter suddenly stopped and looked the teacher in the eye and said, “You know this isn’t a real mouse, don’t you? It’s just a toy.”

  4. That’s hilarious.

  5. And they probably think it’s remarkable for a 3 yo to be so fond of his sister!

  6. Too funny. This is definitely one for the story books. (And rehearsal dinner for sure!)

  7. Poor Lilah, ever to be known as Lucy.

    My daughter’s preschool had one bathroom, with three miniature toilets and three tiny sinks, all in a row – for all the kids (boys & girls). It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. (But the grownups had their own, elsewhere).

  8. Oh, this made me laugh!!