Now you know

“I don’t like princesses anymore,” Benjamin insists.  “Girls like princesses.”

“Plenty of boys like princesses,” I tell him.

“No, they don’t.”

So, there you have it folks; only girls like princesses.  Belle, Ariel, the new one with the pea, Mulan, Tinkerbelle, Aurora — the whole coterie.  All of them are apparently lesbians.

Does that mean they can no longer go to the prom?

8 responses to “Now you know

  1. They can still go to the prom. They just have to go to the one for the special ed students.

  2. Walt Disney’s brain (godresthissoul) just exploded.

  3. …and knowing is half the battle….

    (feel free to break out into the GI Joe theme song).

  4. Well, technically, he said that only girls like princesses…he didn’t say that princesses only like girls. So they may be celibate heterosexuals that can’t get a date except with lesbians. 🙂

  5. I love little boys liking princesses and playing dress up, and little girls playing with trucks and getting dirty. (I tried so hard with my oldest daughter, I really did.) But I have to turn away when I see straight little boys playing with female dolls, because when I’ve seen it it looks like playing doctor. Which is normal, I guess, but I don’t like to look.

  6. “Funny one,” as my daughter would say. She has just started rejecting blue clothes because she says they are for boys. I don’t know where she learned that! I told her that girls can wear blue and boys can wear pink if they want but she just stared at me.

  7. Ha! Great last line.

  8. Only if they live in Mississippi. No “happily ever after” there, apparently.