For T, wherever I may find her

My boys are now taking Tae Kwon Do together, which, depending upon how you look at it could be the greatest parenting idea ever or a harbinger of Armageddon.  The very least that can be said for it is that at least I am combining their activities and cutting down on my taxi-service duties.

The studio we found is kind of far away and the classes are conveniently scheduled to end right at rush hour, which, given that we live in the boonies, really isn’t all that bad.  Now that I have learned to use my iPhone to power my car stereo, I put the thing on “Shuffle” and hope the boys will shut up and just listen to my excellent musical taste.

“Let us be lovers, we’ll marry our fortunes together.”

I am about the biggest geek on the planet because I’ve seen Simon and Garfunkel perform together twice, which is astonishing when you take into consideration that they were already more or less finished by the time I was potty trained.  This particular song is one of my all-time favorites.  It releases the tension in my jaw in a way that otherwise requires a half-bottle of Pinot.

“It took me four days to hitchhike from Saginaw.”

I tried to ignore the mumblings coming from Zachary in the back row.   I didn’t want to pause the song, and since he hadn’t yet directly addressed me, I figured I wasn’t neglecting any parental duties.

“’Kathy, I’m lost,” I said, though I knew she was sleeping.”

I’ve known this song for as much of my life as I can remember.  It is my teenaged years, my college days, long afternoons with my best friend who is as big a geek as I am – maybe even bigger because she likes Art more than Paul.  Some songs get old after repeated plays, but this one gets deeper and stronger and more likely to make me want to cry.

“All gone to look for America.”

The song ended and the next began.  “Excuse me, Mommy,” Zachary piped up from the back seat.  He was so polite that I sighed and paused the music, even though he was intruding on the calm that follows hearing a perfect song.

“Yes, Zach?”

“Could you please play that last song again?”

14 responses to “For T, wherever I may find her

  1. Aww. Maybe you’ve found the perfect combination to release his tension.

  2. I’m a total geek for them, too. My dad used to sing “The Boxer” for me as a lullaby, so it is my favorite (for purely emotional reasons since the lyrics are actually kind of unfinished). But this one runs a close second. It’s funny that even though I am only 32, the songs that take me back to childhood and high school and college are almost all the songs my dad taught me to love, the songs of his era. Every once in a while my kids get it, and one of them asks me to play a song again. Their most recent favorite is “American Pie.”

  3. I was raised in a house with forty-eleven BILLION classical records (yes, records), three sound tracks from musicals and every last album produced by: Tom Lehrer, The Smothers Brothers, and Simon and Garfunkle. I played all of the last three endlessly and, because it was the only “modern” music around me, thought I was incredibly cool shaking my thang to Cecilia (rebellious too man, he says “making love!”). So, do I get geek points because I grew up with the album, possibly there first, that has “Hey School Girl” on it?

  4. Sigh – “possibly THEIR first” not there… it’s not 8 am here yet…

  5. This song always resonates with me. It’s tied closely to the memory of someone earthshatteringly beautiful, who to this day haunts my life. How sweet that missing, and how deep the remembering. Great pick.

  6. I don’t even know that song. Huh. My child sings along to Cecelia, though.

  7. I’ve always liked that song.

  8. Sounds like Paul and Art are your bridge over troubled water (over congested roads?).

  9. So sweet. That’s one of my favorite road trip songs. You should play them the one that goes “wish I were a Kelloggs Corn Flake, floating in my bowl…”

  10. My daughter always asks me to sing “Kathy’s Song” when she can’t sleep.

  11. My biggest watched this with me this morning — he asked “were they rock stars?”

    Sort of, I said. How do you explain the genre of folk? I tried. I love them. Thanks for reminding me, I’ll need to queue them up.

  12. Well done, Zachary. I love it when my children share my tastes. It’s marvelous.

  13. Cecilia, might be my favorite, and I think we are close to the same age. I love this music, along with John Denver & Peter Paul and Mary. Age obviously has nothing to do with musical taste 🙂

  14. It was one of their set when we saw them at Jazz Fest last week. 🙂