Every day is like Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day.  People honored their planet by recycling and reducing and reusing — all except the mom outside my son’s school who lets her SUV idle for 15 minutes every day while she waits to pick her kid up.

Yesterday was Earth Day.  A day dedicated to conserving our planet for the next generation, making sure there is food and water and air and other little luxuries.

Yesterday was Earth Day.  We all should have been on our best eco-behavior.

Yesterday was Earth Day.

And so is today.

6 responses to “Every day is like Earth Day

  1. the letting the car run idle forever is such a pet peeve of mine, even if you don’t care about wasting resources, why would you want to breathe that all in while you are sitting still? They do it all the time at my niece’s school DESPITE signs asking them to keep the kids air clean and turn off the cars!

  2. I sometimes wonder what will really happen to the world 20 years from now with all the climate change, global warming and all. Hopefully we can still save the earth for our youngster.

  3. It’s like you’re reading my mind sometimes.

  4. Yes! It’s lovely to set aside a day to raise awareness, but our actions on that one day matter little if the other 364 we don’t give a damn.

  5. sometimes i wonder if we’ll ever balance out all the idling SUVs..

  6. You’re not wrong there. Everyday is earth day here too…..apart from the laundry crisis of course, but I hope Mother Nature turns a blind eye.