In case you were wondering

We are no longer under contract.  The seller wouldn’t fix the knob and tube wiring.

I would write more about it, really I would, if it didn’t make me so tired to think about it.  And then I feel horrible and selfish for being upset, because we are lucky to have the means to buy a house and there are plenty of people with bigger problems than not being able to find a house to buy.

You know, like say the homeless.

Anyway, we’re back around to where we started, which is nowhere.  I think we may just pitch a tent in the woods and be done with it.  That’s all well and good except that this area has a substantial black bear population.

12 responses to “In case you were wondering

  1. Yes, we can recognize that we are better off than many. But it still stinks. Good luck with the continuing house hunt.

  2. Its still hard though…my best wishes.

  3. I’m so sorry the seller wouldn’t fix the wiring.

  4. Damn! Amazed that they weren’t a bit more flexible given the difficulties of selling a house at all these days. And no, not horrible and selfish to be upset – feeling that way in no way diminishes your concern for others or your awareness of their difficulties and needs. Everyone wants a home, simple as that.

  5. wow… sure seems hard to get a house there! Hope something works out really soon

  6. What is knob and tube wiring anyway? Something antique?

    I hope the house appears soon.

  7. I live in a house with knob and tube wiring. a few months ago the electricity died. yeah. we are rewiring the house. we have electricity, but not in the ceiling lights. my husband is certified to do electricity and pretty much does all the work around here — so i’m expecting it to be finished just about the time hell freezes over.

    this was all my long long way of saying — i’m sorry you didn’t get the house, but good for you for not buying it if they wouldn’t fix or replace the knob and tube wiring. you dodged a huge bullet.

  8. I am really surprised at the housing market where you are! Sorry for the disappointment.

  9. A bummer is still a bummer even if it’s not everyone’s bummer at the time.

    Hoping this means the house that will REALLY be home is just out there waiting to become yours.

  10. wellllll that sucks

  11. I’m sorry that fell through. Even if you are very lucky in the grand scheme of things, this sort of thing is still no fun.

  12. Sigh. But avoiding knob and tube wiring (and especially unfixed knob and tube wiring) is definitely a good thing.