You ever have one of those mornings where the kids are hitting each other and you are trying to get them ready and they are yelling at one another and you start yelling at them that they shouldn’t be yelling and everyone is out the door in time to walk to school when the middle one decides he needs Cookie and Skunky to come to school with him and you are starting to leave when the older one realizes he forgot his show and tell and you send him back in for it and he starts wailing from inside the house because it’s not where he left it and you go back in and grab him by the hand and march him up to his room where it’s sitting on his nightstand and you are furious with him and snarling that he can’t just lose it over every little thing and shouting that maybe if he kept his temper we’d be out of here by now and you know how ridiculous that sounds and realize the windows are open and the neighbor is walking his dog?

You ever have two of those mornings in a row?

You ever have one of those afternoons where the middle one is so tired that he starts wailing every time his brother looks at him which makes his brother look at him more and the older one kicks his brother when you try to get them out of the house and they get into a wrestling match in the middle of the road right in front of the house and you realize this is even worse than yelling at them with the windows open but at least you haven’t yourself exhibited any horrific parenting so you figure this is actually a win?

You ever wonder if you can send them to their rooms for two weeks?

Your kid’s kindergarten teacher ever tell you that your son has a low tolerance for frustration and loses it quickly and your other kid’s preschool teacher ever tell you he has trouble keeping his temper and you stand there nodding but you really want to scream out who do you think he learns it from and frankly she lives down the street from you and has a dog so really she probably heard the yelling this morning?

You ever feel like there’s just not enough fair-trade chocolate in the world?

13 responses to “M.o.t.Y.

  1. There can NEVER be enough fair trade chocolate in the world. Never.

  2. Well, I only have one instead of three but I feel you, sister.

    Have some chocolate for me.

  3. Preach it, sister.

  4. Speaking of which, I still have your Just Posts prize chocolate…I haven’t forgotten, I’m just waiting for another cold wave (or at least cooler wave) so it doesn’t melt in the mail.

    I hope tomorrow is kinder to you.

  5. defiantmuse

    Those days are happening with more and more frequency around here. Always lovely when they mirror back your faults too, eh? On the one hand it is good for me to see and reassess my actions from another POV….on the other hand, they stress me the fuck out and I’m only human!!

  6. There is the plain dark chocolate, the chocolate with almonds, the expresso, the orange, the mint, and the caramel crunch. There is something for those days.

  7. There’s definitely not enough fair trade chocolate in my house at the moment.

  8. Oh honey. You need a vacation out at flutter’s house

  9. i have SO been there.

  10. Yup. Definitely.

    And today I had a day where I woke up to a dishwasher that will neither drain nor wash, a kitchen faucet that popped its aerator, a front door knob that won’t stay tightened properly, a drill-type-tool that wouldn’t thread its collet the way it should, and a furniture place that is only open on the weekends despite having both a website and a phone message that happily announce their weekday hours.

    Oh, and a cat that continues to jump on the kitchen counters.

    There might have been expletives used. Extensively.

  11. Cheeky Monkey

    Oh, not the last one, though. Never the last one.

    Sigh. Parenting is hardhardhard, isn’t it?

  12. not exactly but… yes.