Because the universe recognized I couldn’t handle another difficult child

Lilah – as part of her effort to be the easiest child in New Jersey – has started potty training at twenty-one months.  As you may guess, that means we spend a great deal of time sitting in the bathroom.  Actually, she spends a great deal of time sitting in the bathroom; the adults take a shower, go fold laundry, or reply to a few emails.  She wouldn’t want to be a bother.

She was having some trouble distinguishing between farting and pooping, being quite convinced she had pooped when in fact she had just passed a little gas.  Every time she did it on the toilet, she’d look alarmed.  “Just a little fart!” I’d tell her, until she began to realize what she was doing.

Now, every time she toots on the toilet, she smiles delightedly and announces “Fa!”

We were cooking together on Sunday morning, when I smelled something from her diaper.  “Did you poop?” I asked her.

“Es!” she replied.

“OK, let’s go change your diaper.  Go lie down.”  She scampered over and lay down on the floor.  It turned out, however, that she once again had confused gas with a bowel movement.  “Oh, sweetie.  You didn’t poop.  Just a fart!”

She shook her head and grinned.  “No fa; mama fa!”

Her very first sentence was a fart joke.  Daddy is so proud.

But it was a fart joke that required a semi-colon, so she’s still Mama’s little girl.

15 responses to “Because the universe recognized I couldn’t handle another difficult child

  1. Posey is doing rather the same, at least as far as the self-led training. she, however, is not quite in competition for world’s easiest child: she likes to sit on the toilet and then hop off and fall on her head if the adult nearby so much as turns his or head head. 🙂

    the fart joke is adorable. and i don’t say that often.

  2. Oh, she is too hilarious!

  3. So cute!

    The second year is my favorite so far. I love hearing them learn to talk. I love hearing what’s on their little minds – fart jokes and all. =)

  4. That was so cute!! Ella did that once, confused pooping with gas, and when I opened her diaper and said there was no poop in it she said, “Just a fart.” and laughed. After that we referred to it as a toot and sometimes around company she will exclaim, “I tooted!” really loudly.

  5. what a cutie. i love when they make jokes….

  6. That is beautiful. (And that’s not a comment I tend to make about fart jokes.)

  7. It’s a wonderful thing to have a laughing child, isn’t it?

  8. That’s pretty awesome. I think fart jokes are full of the win.

  9. You’re the only person I know who can make me sniffly and teary-eyed over a fart joke, Em.

  10. That is ridiculous and hilarious and fabulous all at once.

  11. Just New Jersey? Nah, that kid is going for the U.S. crown of toddler perfection. Awesome.

  12. ROFL! Indeed. She is both.

  13. problemgirljen

    21 months? Yeah, I would say the child-rearing karma is paying off.

  14. that’s gonna be a great entry in the baby book. 🙂