Father’s Day

No, there will not be a Father’s Day post.

My husband is a wonderful father.  Since the move to New Jersey, he has become as much a co-parent as possible, given that he is away from the home on weekdays.  He loves his children and is excellent at things like teaching them to ride bikes and listening to Benjamin talk incessantly.

But I will not be writing an Ode to Daddy for him, because that is for my children to do someday.  Plus, I let him sleep in this morning, so he asks for nothing more.

And there will not be a post to my father.  There will be nothing about the raving disappointment he was and still is.  There will be nothing about his choice to remain married to the stepmother so sadistic that Social Services felt the need to remove his daughters from his house.  There will be nothing about his silence while we were starved, beaten, and locked out in the cold.

Because he is simply not eligible for a Father’s Day post.

There are wonderful dads out there – adoptive, step, biological, grand, foster, and so on.   To them, I raise a glass, tip a hat, and say a cheer.

But there will not be a Father’s Day post.

7 responses to “Father’s Day

  1. There are lots of things your father deserves but a lovely blog post in his honor is not one of them.

    Lots of hugs and best wishes to you today.

  2. This is one area of our lives where I can only empathize. I’m so glad you found a partner that is a model dad, you and your kids deserve that (all kids do). Hugs to you my dear.

  3. PS – love the new blog header, she’s gotten so big!

  4. I think your children will have many lovely, loving memories of your husband, and I am so glad you have a husband who knows how wonderful you are, Em.

  5. You should be proud of who you are with all you had to face. I really don’t get along with my father and I know how much it affects me.

  6. I am proud of you.

  7. Yeah, I completely ignored the day. Is better for all involved.