Little Auction on the Internet

It’s late at night, and I ought to be going to sleep.  But I am up, haunting Ebay.

I am not one of those Ebay junkies, you must understand.  In fact, only tonight have I even registered on the site.  It is my very first visit to the place.  I have heard of it for years, of course, but I never really wanted anything badly enough to bother.

So, what has brought me here tonight?  Why am I eschewing sleep to spend forty-five minutes competing for items on this website?

I am looking for a Little House on the Prairie dollhouse for my son, who wants one for his sixth birthday.  Now, mind you, he also wants a wii, but we’ve made it clear we do not think that is an appropriate item for a small child.  So, instead, I am trying to find a Little House dollhouse.

I cannot find one, unfortunately, although there are some fantastic other items.  I bid on a Little House calendar for his wall, but I have no idea how the site works and am unlikely to check back in a few days from now to see if I need to up my bid.  Then I see them.  Trading cards.  Little House trading cards.  For sale, not auction.  Of course, they are in Spanish, but no matter.  He won’t care, and he will likely spend hours in his tiny little room, arranging and rearranging those cards on his bedspread.  I doubt I’ll be able to wait till his birthday to give them to him, and they’ll probably be his next sticker chart reward.

I think we’ve dodged the wii bullet for at least a few more months.

10 responses to “Little Auction on the Internet

  1. Wyatt’s grandparents bought him a Wii for Christmas. He was very excited. I wasn’t. For several months before Christmas, I was annoyed that someone was buying my son a Wii. Funny thing is, the Wii hasn’t even been turned on since January.

  2. Very cool! I wonder if it would be possible to make a little-house-dollhouse out of Lincoln Logs? That is… if they still make Lincoln Logs… Or you could try this site:

    Or this one:

  3. I just was this on Etsy…. I think you can place an order for one with 1 weeks advance notice.

  4. That’s so sweet–I’m sure he’ll love it and I know what it feels like to be that excited about a gift your child will love.

  5. you seriously paid nine bucks each? I guess that’s what sleep deprivation does.

  6. I thought the topics you posted on were very interesting. Nice Blog and keep posting 🙂

  7. Might I also suggest It costs just pennies a bid and allows you to set a maximum price and not worry about logging back in.

  8. Hi Emily,
    You’ve awakened the crafter in me. I think you should make houses representative of each house in the books. As a project with [Zach, Ben] whichever kid this is for or all three kids. You’ll have to make the House on Plum Creek on some kind of big platform or maybe in one of those under bed storage thingies so it will be portable under its huge mound of dirt. How old is the child who likes the Little House books? My Pumpkin is five and I hadn’t considered them yet. I might have to get the books just to start on the houses…