So, yeah, I have a ticket and a room reservation for BlogHer, and I was only late for signing up for parties rather than absurdly late, so I am signed up for two parties on Saturday night.

What I don’t have: a sitter for Friday, any clue what to do when I get there, any idea how to get in touch with people who are there, business cards, or fancy shoes.  It’s the shoe thing that gets me — I mostly wear Keens in the summer.  How am I going to show up for Sparklecorn in Keens?

Anyway, please tell me if you are going.  And how I am supposed to get in touch with you.  And anything else I ought to know.

Sorry so quiet around here lately.  I’m working on the writing for publications with slightly larger readership — like more than 27 people.  But I’ll be back.

8 responses to “BlogHer

  1. I signed up for all the parties. But I only really care about sparkle corn. Last year I wore flip-flops the whole time. So keens are fine.

    Also don’t worry. It will be great. Promise. I mean I am going again and I’m not a joiner. So that is something right there.

    Ps did you see my first bh post?

  2. Wear what makes you comfortable, the line for sparklecorn is long & tedious. I was 35 wks pregnant last year so I sat and watched the line from a comfy chair. During the day wear whatever. At night people will be dressed all over the map. Lots of people will be dressed like prom but plenty of people won’t be.

    Start emailing the people you want to meet now. Say I want to meet you at BlogHer, may I have your cell # and may I text you? Then when you arrive, start texting those people.

    I used about 100 business cards on Fri/Sat. I went home early bc I was so wiped out. I just used my asst attorney general cards and hand wrote my twitter name on the back.

  3. Sparklecorn is one party I did NOT RSVP for – a little too hectic for me, I’m afraid. But I think Rayne’s suggestion of making pre-BlogHer contact with people you’d like to meet is excellent. Having said that, I hope to meet you there!

  4. Cheeky Monkey

    You probably do need a plan to meet people. Although you will run into some serendipitously, most of it is madness. Think sorority rush, the first night; then multiply that by hell and you’ll be close (not that I rushed a sorority; but I watched my dorm mates do it.)

    I have to get a temp cell phone when I get back to the US, but I’ll send you the # before NYC and we can pal around.

    (I’m starting to feel sorry for the women who can’t afford Keens.)

  5. I’ll probably never go to Blogher but if I did, I would wear the same Chaco sandals I wear every day of the year — with polartech socks if it’s cold. I keep a pair of biz-cazable shoes in my work cube but I can’t remember when I last felt like I needed to wear them. Have fun and dress comfortably.

  6. Wear comfortable. And I’ll email you my cell #.

  7. I’ll be there, with my boy, not sure whether I’ll be able to make it to parties, though I did RSVP. I won’t be dressed up. Hope I can find you there!

  8. It’s NYC, so wear comfy shoes! I think Keens are fine. I know there is some childcare available, but I”m not sure about the times. Check the BlogHer site. See ya there! (hopefully!)