As many of you know, I do not believe in God.  But, there are times when I come close, like on early winter mornings when I am out shoveling snow as more falls all around me in total silence.  Or when those impressive rainstorms blow in, creating a deafening sound and then roll back out, leaving a mossy smell behind.  Or when I see baby bunnies, stretching out on top of each other.

Or, during peach season.  During peach season, I almost could believe in God.

10 responses to “Divinity

  1. I adore this post.

    Your believing friend Amy

  2. while I cannot imagine not believing in God, I can certainly see how certain moments would beckon…and its hard to argue against peach season! YUM

  3. I was thinking about peaches in this way this morning, too.

    It’s not peach season yet is it? We don’t usually get good peaches until August here in CT, but with this wacky weather, lots of produce is early.


  4. I watched fireworks in a torrential downpour on the 4th. It poured and poured. Man I love the rain. Each time the sky lit up, red or green or blue, you could see how low the fog was. We sat in the car, in a parking lot and watched them. Me and my kids.

    In that moment, I could almost believe too.

  5. Oh, to have juice dripping down my chin.

  6. I want a thunderstorm so bad. I may have to settle for a peach.

  7. I hear ya. I’m pretty passionate about peaches myself.

  8. I call that the glory of Mother Nature. I’m secretly a little proud that my oldest talks about her as an entity just like god. Although I am NOT a wiccan.

    And peaches, ah, to die for.

  9. That sounds like the best kind of belief, which isn’t belief but experience.

  10. Oh yeah, peach season could probably do it for me, too. Alejna pointed me in your direction after reading something I wrote this week about the three fruit proofs of the existence of God. If I weren’t allergic to peaches, I might have added them to the list …