Here we go loopdy loo

So, it was an hour before I was supposed to go see the Tiny Kitchen House followed by the House With the Pool and Fucked Up Bedrooms.  I got a call from my real estate agent, Elizabeth, the most patient and supportive woman in New Jersey.

“I just got a text from the agent for the Great House That Needs Work,” she said.  Well, not exactly like that.  She actually said the address, but I’m not giving addresses here because someday we may actually get one of the houses and then everyone would know my address and could come stalk me.


“It looks like the other buyers are falling through and she wants to know if you’re still interested.”

Neither Elizabeth nor I knew exactly what that meant, so we went ahead and saw the other two houses, after she had texted the agent for the Great House That Needs Work to say that, hell yes, we were still interested.  We spent a looooong time looking at those two houses, and I left with no better idea of what I wanted than I had before I went in.

No matter – that evening the owners of the Great House decided they would accept our offer, as the other had fallen through.

So, they’ve signed it.  We’ve signed it.  In New Jersey, that means we are under attorney review, which is a fancy way of saying we blow a few hundred bucks on each side in lawyer’s fees before we are officially under contract.

The sellers have disclosed knob and tube wiring, which they are fixing in advance of the sale.  They have also disclosed an underground oil tank, which we are paying to have them remove prior to closing.  So, two big hurdles are already checked off.

Who knows?  We may actually get to closing on this house.  It has to happen someday, right?

I just wouldn’t go shopping for our housewarming present yet if I were you.

6 responses to “Here we go loopdy loo

  1. Yeah, well I’m still going to say WOO HOO!! And cross every last thing crossable because that might help too.

  2. How long have you been house shopping now?

  3. I’ll cross my fingers for you.

  4. My fingers and such are crossed, too.

    (I can’t help but wonder if one of the planned projects for this Great House That Needs Work is to start laying some miniature train tracks…)

  5. I am crossing my fingers for you! It’s got to work out one of these times, right?