21 responses to “UNDER CONTRACT

  1. I KNEW IT! See? See?! I TOLD you you were awesome!

    Yay for Under Contract! I am smiling all over my face for you right now, my friend. Many, many congratulations!

  2. YEAH!! Feels good. Let it soak in and celebrate!

  3. So, so happy for you, my friend…

  4. yay!

  5. WendyElissa


  6. Yeah! Which house? When?

  7. YES! Oh well done indeed. If ever, EVER anyone earned a house through sweat, tears, and sheer bloody stick-to-it-edness you did!

  8. Yay! Or I guess, YAY! (The occasion clearly calls for allcaps.)

  9. Whoot whoot!! And I (have always) LOOOOOVED this video!!!

  10. very happy for you and the fam!

  11. YEEE HAWWWW! great news!!!

  12. Great news!!!

  13. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Woo HOOO! the train house right? Yippeee!

  15. hooray!

    now it’s time for my luck to change, so we can get a contract on the house we’re selling!

  16. Are we talking about the train house or is this yet to be named mystery house number 27?