Eleventh hour

So, for the time being, gay people can get married in California.  For the time being, they can’t get married here.  But we’ll be taking it up to higher courts, arguing it for years and years, fighting tooth and nail.

People, it’s a moronic thing to argue about.  If you fear the erosion of your definition of marriage, I understand your concern.  I really do.  I disagree, but I understand.  However, really, it that your biggest concern?


The earth spews oil into the ocean through a giant hole we made.  The polar icecaps are melting.  The air is rapidly becoming unbreathable.  Our boys’ junk is becoming less recognizable as male because of the chemicals from the plastic.  Our reproductive systems are in open rebellion, our children may all have to migrate to the center of the country because the oceans will rise so high, and there will be a major war over potable water in the not-to-distant future.

It is fucking bleak.  As Celeste said, we are in the eleventh hour.  And what are we arguing about?  Whether or not two men can get married.  I’ll admit I spend too much energy perseverating on stupid shit, but at least it’s my own stupid shit, not what’s happening in someone else’s house.

Why do you give a flying numchuck that someone else is getting married?  Let it go.  Spend the time and energy and money that you’re spending advocating anti-marriage laws instead advocating for environmental reform.  Fifty years from now, gay people are going to be allowed to be married no matter what you do.  But it won’t matter, because the earth will most likely be uninhabitable.

7 responses to “Eleventh hour

  1. Exactly. My one hope is that if it does go to the supreme court it will again be knocked down and that will become the founding point for doing away with the rest of these hate-based, idiotic laws.

  2. But Emily, this isn’t entirely fair- for many of us, environmental issues are just as (or close to just as) important as issues like SSM. It’s also simplifying the issue to the extreme to say that those of us on the other side of the issue are concerned with what other people do in their houses. It goes far, far beyond that for me, and apparently, for the voters of CA, who have already voted on this issue.
    Calling it “moronic” doesn’t exactly further the civil conversation. Just a thought.

  3. Amen, Amen, Amen. The point is, college kids of today DONT care if same sex gets married… so like you say in 50 years the whole debate will be irrelevant. (Except for those poor souls who would really like to get married NOW) I would love to see then energy spent fighting it spent on something more useful to all… like a healthier way to do, oh, just about everything.

  4. Well. Now I’m depressed. But well said.

  5. AMEN.

    I am Canadian. Same-sex marriage has been legal here for years. And you know what? Nothing has changed, except that two people who want the legal protections of marriage can get it. My heterosexual marriage is the same as it ever was. Religious groups are still free to choose who they can marry. Adults are still free to teach their views to their children.

    Surely, there are much, much better things to worry about than who other people are marrying.