What’s seventy-two divided by twelve-and-a-half?

Well, then.

One day, I’m poking along, writing posts, hearing from no one except Coco and Painted Maypole, who are such staunch supporters that the sky might be falling before they fail to leave a comment.  The next day, I write a post about small blogs, ask for responses, and I hear from SEVENTY-TWO people.

OK, then.  Thank you.  I appreciate the response.  I want other small bloggers to be able to find yesterday’s post reassuring.  My point was – and if you read the comments yesterday, I think you’ll find it holds water – that the “big” bloggers are only big because other bloggers read them.  If you have a small blog, live it, love it.  There are people out there reading you who don’t read the big blogs but do read you.  That means that there is someone out there right now who reads you regularly but has never once read Dooce.  Howdya like them apples?

Now back to our regularly scheduled readership of twelve and a half people.

You will not be getting a post here today because I want you to click over to Babble and read my essay over there.  And there is a recipe attached!  Catherine will love that.

As, I am sure, will Painted Maypole and Coco.

10 responses to “What’s seventy-two divided by twelve-and-a-half?

  1. I’m the half, aren’t I?

  2. de — no, i fear that *i* am the half. or maybe you and i are each a quarter.

  3. You mustn’t make me do math before noon. Or after. 🙂

  4. I am not a blogger but I read every post you write. And when you get a book published, I’ll buy it, too!! I love your style, wit, intellect, compassion, and honesty. I know must be hard to stay motivated to write for twelve and a half people, but as a loyal reader I am really glad you put the time and effort into your work. You have a great talent and I am really glad you share it!! Thanks!!

  5. So interesting what posts get readers up the yin yang.

  6. I think Badger must be the half. He loves to look at the pictures on your banner. The current one of Lilah in the sand is a particular favorite; he calls her “pretty beach baby” and says “Aw! She’s so cute!” often. I swear his intentions are honorable. 🙂

  7. The comment from Alice is the best kind of comment any writer could get.

  8. Hey, I DO like that! I’ve clicked on the link but haven’t managed to read it yet since my children are determined to damage something today if not closely supervised…

  9. i like them apples.
    and i enjoyed readings the comments yesterday.
    i would comment more, but as i’m not a mom it just doesn’t seem right. i love reading about mom stuff though… well, we might be trying soon enough.