Brave boy

He’s fine, thank you.  The surgery went smoothly, the adenoids are out, and the child is resting on the couch, watching Lassie and eating his second bowl of ice cream.

I’m supposed to keep him in the house for a week, which is fabulous in theory, except that he looked up after his first bowl of ice cream and said, “Mommy, I want to go outside by myself.”  If he’s up for going out ten minutes after we get home, what’s he going to be like by Wednesday?

How many times can he watch Lassie?

More to the point, how many times can his sister watch Lassie?

Please send chocolate.

12 responses to “Brave boy

  1. glad it went smoothly! Good luck with Lassie.

  2. Oh, don’t make me lose faith in the tranquilizing powers of Lassie. Glad he’s doing well.

  3. YAY….. good luck keeping the boy inside

  4. Oh my, I’d say take that with a grain of salt. They didn’t literally say “in the house” did they? I would think they just don’t want him out in public to possibly get an infection. The backyard should be perfectly fine, I would think.

    hang in there!

  5. Glad all is well.

    After M’s tonsilectomy, she was fantastic on day one and a bit more sore and moody on day two. Not saying that’s always the case, just throwing it out there.

    The hard part is over, though.

  6. I’m so glad he’s doing well. The fact that he ate the ice cream and asked to go outside just made my whole day.

  7. Cheeky Monkey

    Send chocolate! What a great idea for someone who lives in the land of chocolate! And I’ll see your Lassie and raise you the Bratz movie. (Don’t ask, don’t judge. I think that’s a law somewhere.)

    So glad to hear he came through the surgery without complication. I hope it makes a big difference in all of your lives.

  8. Phew.

    Gray had a similar surgery when he was in preschool (around 3ish, I think) and it made a huge positive difference in all of our lives. Hoping for the same result for you.

  9. So glad to hear the update!

  10. maybe he just wants to be by himself, and could do that inside?

    good luck. glad he’s doing well.

  11. I’m glad that the surgery went well.

    I hope that Lassie is holding up.