Pieces parts

We’re off today to get Benjamin’s adenoids out.  I’ll be back around noon, and I’ll try to post an update.  But since all of you know this isn’t really a big deal, I suspect you’re a hell of a lot less nervous than he is.

I’ve been revising the book.  Does that surprise you?  My agent dumped me, but there are plenty of small presses out there.  I can pitch the damned thing myself.  My writing group gave phenomenal advice on a section that has plagued me for years, so I should be done revising and writing the pitch next week.  IAin’t nobody gonna keep me down.

Zach is off to his grandparents today.  We can’t wait to send him.  I love the child, really I do, but he has grown increasingly impossible.  The fact is, he didn’t make a lot of friends during the school year.  He has a few, but we’ve only been able to see them sporadically this summer.  The summer has been hard for him.  He had to transition to camp, and transitions are not his strong suit.  New kids, new place, new routine.  He snapped at me this week, “People always say summer vacation is so fun.  It’s NOT fun!”

“I know kiddo.  Is school fun?”

“Yes, school is fun.  Summer vacation is not!”

This is how we know he’s my child.  I wonder sometimes whether his father really contributed any genetic material.

That’s all for now.  I’m off to take my dude in for surgery.

9 responses to “Pieces parts

  1. She Started It

    Best of luck with the surgery and pitching the new book!

  2. I always wonder why my children balk at going back to school (though I know it’s because I am so entertaining), because I loved it so.

    Hope the little guy isn’t too nervous – as a mom, I’d be a wreck.

  3. I’m holding you guys in my heart today.

  4. Get well soon Benjamin!

  5. Hope it all goes quickly and smoothly – and the recovery is a good one for all concerned!

  6. Yes, hope all is smooth and simple. Mine had both tonsils and adenoids out, so that was a bit tougher. My advice — give pain meds regularly the first few days and just ward off any flare-ups. Oh, and of course ice cream (even if it wasn’t tonsils — hey it was SURGERY!) xo

  7. thinking of him. here’s a funny story to tide you over. when my oldest had a T&A, it was 9/11/02. yes, one year to the day after 9/11. not auspicious to begin with, but when in the middle of the surgery the announcement was broadcast through the hospital that a minute of silence was to be observed in honor of the victims of 9/11, i will admit that i hoped that my child’s surgeon thought better of taking that minute. 🙂

  8. I want to call up your agent and go “84 comments!! what were you thinking!?” Pitch that book!

    Big hugs to Benjamin! And to you! This is coming from the mother who required smelling salts and had to lay flat on the recovery room floor over a simple tubes-in-ears procedure.

  9. I read that all is well first and I’m so glad to hear it. Awesome about the book! Way to go!