Philly, London,  Los Angeles, and now New Jersey and that’s just the last five years.  Hopefully, we’ll be here for awhile.  There are five of us, Zachary (born 2004), Benjamin (born 2006), Lilah (born 2008), J and me.

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  2. Oh! The list of characters is most helpful. And I’m so impressed with myself that I actually HAVE been keeping them straight! This proves it!

  3. London? I spent my teen years there. What a lovely place, no? I miss it every day. Watch out, it gets in the blood.

  4. I just found your blog and I am now going to have to spend the time to read through the whole thing. They way you write about your experiences makes me want to keep reading. I am glad that you are now able to write about your life.

  5. yeah- I am so glad I found a cool new blog!

  6. Emily,
    How are you! I will be joining this site, eventually… I need a new place to host my thoughts! hehe

    I noticed you moved from PA to the UK! What was the transition like? My significant other and I are going to move to France (from the Kentuckiana area) – any tips on making the transition easier? I don’t know the language but I’m hoping within a year to get the basics…


  7. Duder, I am noting that Chicago is nowhere on this list. I think that you should consider it as a great place to live.

    (wink, wink).

  8. wow. u sure live at a lot of places before. anyway, nice blog. cheers! =)

  9. losingweightafterbaby

    You have such a gift for writing. Keep blogging and thank you for sharing your heart with your readers. I have a 3 year old and 1 year old also and enjoy relating to your stories!

    All the best to you,
    Arlene Pellicane

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  11. I love reading your blog and I am currently trying to catch up on all the old entries. I found you through our mutual friend, Poker Chick’s, website!

  12. hi
    that’s nice

  13. Hey Emily. Tapping in to see what is new with you guys. Hope all is well.

    And I am in agreement with “Aunt Becky” – Chicago is very nice . . . .

  14. Emily I am so glad I found your blog…..I must tell you you have a gift for writing…..I look forward to read your blog every day….do let us know when that book is coming ……All the best

  15. Hi, I came across your blog and noticed you must be using your Mac blog template.. do you find it easy to use and versatike enough to make changes etc? Does it archive well for you? What if you want to add links, etc. I am starting a blog, but don’t knwo if I should got Blogger,wordpress or just stick w/ my mac…any suggestions would be great! Thanks and keep writing!

  16. I’ve been memed. Now you’re <a href=”http://liliannattel.wordpress.com/2009/01/11/memed/”memed.

  17. oops sorry about that! i forgot to complete the link. duh…

  18. justwalkingthrough

    I just found your blog and I must say you are wonderfully entertaining and an absolute delight to read. Fascinating, I will be reading it all and checking back for updates

  19. I just voted for you, as per Vodkas’ request, under the moniker QBall.

  20. I LIKE the haircut!

  21. Loving the haircut!

  22. oh my just discovered your blog
    Love it – adding it to my list

  23. I found your blog through the Just Posts, and would love to follow you but I can’t find an RSS feed. Am I blind?

  24. And now you get to add Jersey to your profile description (and remember, I am a proud Jersey Woman myself).

  25. Just saw your piece about becoming a “miser” over at skirt.com – loved it! I’ve been feeling the same way about consumption lately and am so happy to hear another person’s perspectives on the issue.

  26. Hi Emily,
    I just read your piece about becoming a miser in the latest Skirt magazine.
    I think it’s great that you are concerned and passionate about the environment. Please keep writing about it and spreading the word.
    Although, I need to share with you that if you that if precious resources are what you’re trying to protect, did you know that by making a choice for you and your family to not eat meat you would be doing more for the planet by a long shot than worrying about throwing away a pair of flip flops?!
    Water needed to produce 1 pound of wheat: 25 gallons
    Water needed to produce 1 pound of meat 2,500 gallons
    Also, the rainforest is being destroyed to make room for growing more animals to eat – 125,ooo square miles anually.
    And the methan gas from facotry farming is causing the ozone layer to deplete at a more rapid pace than all the cars, trucks, planes and trains COMBINED. It contributes over 20 % of the emmissions. AL Gore never mentioned this in his movie. His family owns hog farms.

    So, you might want to try “Meatless Mondays” as a step toward really making a difference and you can eat the tofu on those old dishes you won’t throw away!

  27. Did we miss each other??? Am I suffering from AMNESIA??????

  28. and I’m talking BlogHer. Damn. I wanted to talk with you. Or did I and I just FORGOT? This sobriety sucks. IT’s causing memory loss.

  29. Hey you move almost as often as I do! Stability? What’s that? 😉

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