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I’m not sure where I’m willing to go next

This is a response to Julie’s Hump Day Hmm, but it is also a very serious request to all those reading.  I need help.  And I am hoping one of you can provide it.

You see, I’m an idiot.  I have certain well-honed skills, but I am a moron about so many really important things.  Like how to figure out the air and water quality in particular neighborhoods.  I keep going to websites run by state and national agencies, but they are confusing.  I don’t need air quality reports for all of L.A. County.  I need to know how safe it would be to live in a particular area.  And, I don’t yet live in L.A. county, so I don’t really understand which California Environmental Protection Agency monitoring site is near which neighborhood.  It goes without saying that I have no idea what PM2.5 is.

Yep — you guessed it.  They want to move us to L.A.  And the air in London has been awful for my asthma and Zachary’s health.  Benjamin has been OK thus far, but he wheezes a lot, too.  So, before I consent to move to L.A., of all places, I want to figure out which neighborhoods have good air and water quality.  Or, if any neighborhoods had good air and water quality.  Raging forest fires make me nervous.

Does anyone know of a user-friendly site that has this kind of information for the scientifically challenged?  Most of the sites break it down by county, but from what I gather, air quality in L.A. county can vary hugely.  And, this site just has me stymied.  Perhaps someone could translate it into English.  You know — Air Quality for Dummies.

Please, please help me.  We need to decide soon, and this is the biggest factor as far as I am concerned.  Oh, and Julie’s post on Monday really has me reaching for my inhaler.