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Finding Meaning

Evenshine asked me how it is I find meaning, as I don’t believe in God.  She has been incredibly respectful of our differing beliefs, so here is my answer.

I find meaning in giving a pear to a homeless man standing in the rain off the 405 exit ramp.

I don’t give a shit and a half about handbags.

I find meaning in walking instead of driving whenever possible.

I would be a terrible witness in a hit and run since I can’t tell a Lexus from a Yugo.  Although, after this much time at our preschool, I know from Escalades, as long as they are black.

I find meaning in donating my breastmilk.

Not so much in sunglasses.  Seriously, what’s with the Dolce & Gabano?

I find meaning in my community helping my family through a crisis.

I like designer clothes as much as the next girl, but I know that the slogan “For All Mankind” does not endow Seven jeans with social significance.

 I believe in people.

I enjoy a fancy restaurant, but I try not to confuse it with meaningful interaction with my partner.

I find meaning in Benjamin’s excitement every time his brother comes come.  Especially when Zach hugs him instead of hitting him over the head.

Meaning for me is in the mundane.  I don’t believe in God, but I believe in the power of daily acts and the importance of respecting our environment and caring for our fellow creatures.  I am not a great person, and I know that my practice falls far below my ideals.  But, I try to make sure that each day I do something more meaningful than simply consume.

How do you find meaning?