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Good news, bad news

The Good

            Julie came home from the hospital before Christmas.  She still cannot walk, but she can sit up in a chair and she can wiggle her feet.  She will make a full recovery, but the experts have no idea how long that will take.  Her mother is hoping to bring her to school for short periods in January, because the poor child is bored silly.

            I was a bit nervous about bringing Zachary to visit, but he did great, perhaps in part due to the new train set she had.  He just accepted that she couldn’t walk and went on with life.  He actually seems more interested in playing with her nowadays, perhaps because he is bored silly on a four-week winter break.

The Bad

            My experiment giving up sweets for six weeks went swimmingly.  I am the queen of self-discipline, so I had no trouble saying “no” once I set my mind to it.  I was especially curious to see if the extreme mood swings that seem to accompany a certain time each months would be affected by my abstinence from most processed sugar.

            Sadly, they were.  I had a few cranky moments for two days (unfortunately, while my in-laws were here — sorry, guys) and then went a bit nuts for about a day.  Given that – during that time of the month – I am usually a stark, raving lunatic who ought to be locked in Mr. Rochester’s attic for four days, this was a great improvement.

            Why is this such a bad thing?  Well, it means I sort of need to give up sweets permanently unless I want to take hormonal supplements, and I don’t want to take extra medication.  So, I am giving up sweets.  Not completely.  I figure I am safe dipping into the Ben & Jerry’s about once a month.  But, while I would not give up sweets to lose weight or some such nonsense, curbing the beast within is a pretty good motivator.


            Yesterday, Zachary poked my stomach with his hand and, finding it rather squishy, informed me there was a baby in there, which there most certainly is NOT.  So, perhaps giving up sweets just about now is not the worst of ideas.  And, maybe I ought to think about adding cheese to that list…


Update one:

            This first one is sort of awkward, but if I can’t embarrass myself on my blog, where can I embarrass myself?  You know how I told you that Slouching Mom nominated me for the Blogitzer over at Blogger’s Choice Awards for my Coleridgesque writing style?  And, you know how I told you that you could vote for me?  Well, it turns out that they were having some technical difficulties with that particular nomination that day, and all but one of the votes disappeared.  Something to do with hanging chads, I think.  So, if you think you voted for me, you probably didn’t.  Here is that button again, in case you want to recast your vote for real.

My site was nominated for The Blogitzer! 

Update two:

            Remember how I told you J and I are on the wagon, totally cold turkey when it comes to sweets?  Well, it turns out that J was still climbing into the wagon when it started, tumbled out the back, and was left behind at the starting line.  I, however, have made it three weeks now.  I am hoping to get to New Year’s Day (with the one already-scheduled exception I had told you about).  I had a rather ugly withdrawal period, a good sign that I was more dependent upon sugar than I would have liked to have been.

            The good side is that saying “no” to sweets in December eliminates all the internal debating about this particular Christmas cookie and that specific chocolate cake.  The down side is that J and the boys made a gingerbread house yesterday, and doughnuts are a traditional Hanukkah food.  ‘Nuff said.


Update three:

            The boys are doing well sharing a room.  Benjamin is no longer waking up at six and tossing objects at Zachary while screaming at the top of his lungs in hopes of awakening him.  They are sleeping nicely until 7:00 (knock wood).  Even better, they then hang out in the room for awhile.  Zachary uses the potty that we keep in the room and they chat till I can haul my lazy ass out of bed.

            Sometimes evening is a little rocky.  If they are really tired, they exchange a few giggles just for the sake of keeping up appearances and then nod off to sleep.  If they are not tired?  Well, J went in last night after twenty minutes to inform them that simultaneously jumping on their beds while screaming does not qualify as going to sleep.


That’s all.  A more substantive post soon.