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Being something of a Luddite, I have a long, slow learning curve on new technology.  I have had an iPhone for two years, but only recently has it occurred to me that I could use the thing to play music.  I had been relying upon a few old CDs and this quaint little device called “radio.”

My husband, fed up with my backwardness, finally decided to take the bull by the horns.  A year ago, he set me up with an iTunes account and bought me this neat little cord that connects my iPhone to the car so that I can play songs directly over the car radio.  He put hundreds of songs from our CD collection on the iPhone, then showed me exactly how to download music of my own.

I used the cord once.  It requires access to a frequency on the radio not used by any station, which is does not exist in LA.  Mostly, I just got static.


But then, just a month ago, my husband got me a different cord.  Once that plugs directly into the auxiliary station on the stereo, without requiring radio access.  I am sure you’ve all heard of it and it has some iName, but I don’t know what the hell it is called.  All I know is that it works.

We dumped all the adults’ music in one folder and the kids’ music in another, the latter of which I promptly forgot about because who the hell wants to listen to kids’ music?  I want to expose the kids to the best of the music I love – Simon & Garfunkle, Pete Seeger, Norah Jones, and – this goes without saying – the theme song from Greatest American Hero.  So, we just play grown-up music, with me shouting back the names of the artists.  True, I get a little nervous when “Run to You” comes on, but honestly, it’s not like they’re paying attention to the lyrics.

And so it was that yesterday, I had Gloria Gaynor playing when Benjamin asked me a question.  I turned down the music.  “What was that, baby?”

“Mommy,” he asked.  “Can I survive?”

I think there may be a few Janis Joplin songs I ought to censor.