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I can still remember how that music used to make me smile

I’m not sure if she came to my blog first or I came to hers.  All I know is that almost three years ago, shortly after I started blogging, I met a woman named Chani.  “Met” is a strange words for someone I never saw and never spoke to.  But we did know each other.

She supported me fully as I told some difficult stories.  She challenged me, always gently but intensely.  In a world of drive-by clickings, Chani stopped to think.

Her posts were full of self-reflection, strong political statements, and social commentary.  But, more than any other blog I’ve ever read, she treated her readers with respect and used her blog as a space to invite meaningful conversation.

Lately, I have not been reading blogs as much.  Life has been complicated, and it has been months since Chani and I have read one another’s blogs.  The loss is mine, because she has posted her last post.

Last month, Chani died of a heart attack in her sleep.  I’ll never get to meet her in person.  I’ll never get to thank her for being there for me.

But I do want to thank those of you I have deserted lately who have stayed with me.  I will be back, I promise.  Painted Maypole and Coco and Julie and Slouching Mom and Mama Tulip and Lillian and Flutter and Magpie and Alejna and Holly and the list goes on and on.  People I’ve never met in person but who feel like friends.  If I haven’t listed you here and haven’t been by lately, it’s not because I don’t care.  Please know that.

I wish I could tell Chani that.  She always seemed to be searching for peace, and although I don’t believe in an afterlife, I dearly hope she has found some.